$1 Million SuperPrize Winner Karen Anderson’s Life Is Forever Changed

Not even bad weather could stop the Prize Patrol from surprising this $1 Million SuperPrize winner!

On February 27th Arkansas was hit with terrible weather: news of an earthquake, tornado, thunder and lightning.  What terrible luck…that is until February 28th when the PCH Prize Patrol arrived in Bella Vista to surprise the newest SuperPrize winner with $1 Million!  As if our presence was known, the skies cleared right when it was time to suit up and surprise Karen Anderson with her million dollar prize from Publishers Clearing House!

With a ring of the doorbell and knock at the door, local media and the Prize Patrol were smiling and ready for that door to swing open and hear a scream…but no such luck, there was no answer!  The Prize Patrol is used to this and never gives up hope.  Luckily Karen is extremely friendly and was close with her neighbors who were able to tell us she would be arriving home within the next few hours and told us what kind of car she drove so we knew when she arrived.  We parked the Prize Patrol van down the road and waited…and waited…and then did some more waiting.  BUT, it was fun!  Bella Visa residents were certainly excited to see the Prize Patrol van sitting on the side of the road.  So many cars pulled up next to us asking if we were coming to their house.  Though disappointed that their house wasn’t where we were going, they were truly excited that a Bella Vista resident was the newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner.

After endless false alarms, the Prize Patrol finally saw Karen’s car turn onto the block…now its show time!  Knock, knock, knock.  The door swung open and Karen clung on to it for support exclaiming “oh heavenly days! You have no idea how this is going to help!”  After a few hugs from Dave Sayer and myself, Karen told us how she sadly lost her job in October.  “I lost my job in October and I was bringing home not a whole lot, but a thousand a month.”  Karen was overwhelmed with joy that this money can now help pay for her husband’s medical expenses.  Karen said the first thing she was going to do was hire a cleaning service to come to the house.  Well, I spoke on the phone with Karen a day after her winning moment and she told me a local cleaning service called her immediately saying they wanted to do the job!  The next thing she wants, “that $200 chihauha in the newspaper!”

Karen Anderson and her husband David truly touched my heart.  They were kind enough to show us around their home, telling stories of how David Anderson built the back deck and the creative decorations Karen created out of basically nothing when she was trying her best to stretch a dollar.  She did such a fantastic job I want her to come decorate my house next!

After signing some paperwork Karen called her sister “the PCH skeptic” to share the exciting news.  Not surprisingly, her sister still wasn’t a believer, so Dave Sayer got on the phone to prove it!  I was standing across the room from Dave and all I heard were screams coming from the phone…I guess she’s now a PCH Sweepstakes believer!  If you’re a PCH Sweepstakes believer you could become our next SuperPrize winner and find the Prize Patrol at your door.  Keep entering at pch.com and never stop believing.  The Prize Patrol wishes you all the best of luck!

See this touching winning moment on PCHTV.com and the local media coverage http://nwahomepage.com/fulltext-news/?nxd_id=220606.  ENJOY!

Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

46 thoughts on “$1 Million SuperPrize Winner Karen Anderson’s Life Is Forever Changed”

  1. Carla Antee says:

    Hi Karen, Congratulations

  2. Donna Rouse says:

    Entering for the $1Million. Superprize.

  3. carol cichello says:

    tis the night before christmas and pch all in red with 8 tiny reindeers and sleigh .hopeing that pch will bring all the bread.Now kids are all nestled all safe in their bed hopeing that pch will bring us the bread.i am in my pj and ready for a nap when all of a sudden i heard such a clatter i sprung to the window to see what the matter . to my surprise i seen a seigh with 8 tiny reindeer and pch all decked out in red. i seen pch with ballons and flowers and i knew they had the bread that followed. I ran to the door and collected my balloons and flowers and they handed my bread and off they went saying merry christmas to all and have a safe trip.

  4. pch i understand i didnt wi i new it wasnt going to happen but thanks anyway

  5. naheed khan says:

    Hi pch all team member those one are on the screen and those one are behind the screen .i would like to pay thanks all loving team over there .
    i did not seen any body .but i know they are all sincere with their client ,customers and website member and contestant of pch blog for sweepstake.

    i just want to tell the all team members i have a great wish for winning the opportunity .
    i know the huge number of contestant are online playing and tested their luck.
    if see my luck that is not in my favor and so hard .

    but on thing i know and hear from the many peoples story and watch from the some how.
    thus its 1000 percent true miracle can happen and happened every where .
    if my God want to give me then no body can stop this .because God will is super and final for those one if he did not want to give me no one can give me the little or big even a stone of road .

    i believe blindly on God ,and happy with his will .
    after all i want to win and want to live better life and i will pay off the utility bill .and borrow and other educational expenses .and my kids will continue their education its very important for me .because i don’t want to this my kids leave the school education.
    if i win the super prize that mean i can live with my mother and brother and my sister , and my kids and whole family in a dream house .
    just because i will be able to buy the home .
    and the remaining balance i will spend on my welfare organization and for the charity work offcorse that is my dream to do the welfare work for help less and disaster victim and displaced person .
    so it is don my maximum winning prize will be spend on the charity work .if i found that more payment will be required for the charity work in future than i could be sale out my dream home for home less person and the helpless.
    its my pray to God please help me for my dream come true.and all love with pch.

  6. Sawsan Istifan says:

    Mrs.Danielle Lam. I usually use this page PCHSearch&win A long time ago is your personal PCHSearch&Win page the same page that I search everyday or is different?So what’s the different between PCHSearch&win and this pagePCHSearchAndWin?
    if it is different than the one I’m using for searches right now. Can I uses your personal PCHSearch&Win page? I’m going to wait for your responses or anyone else to respond so I will go check it later on tonight or tomorrow morning.
    Good night and have a pleasant dream.
    Ms Sawsan Istifan

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Sawsan,

      You can us Danielle’s PCHSearch&Win page just as you would use the regular PCHSearch&Win. You can be entered for a chance to win a large PCH sweepstakes and have the chance to win instant prizes. I hope you enjoy the page!

      Victoria At PCH

  7. yes i am happy for the people winning that great prize i hope sometime soon to be lucky also I have also lost my job since then it is so hard for me to pay my mortgage and other expenses i wish for my dream to come true!!!!

    fiby jennings

  8. colette wallace says:

    While Dave, Todd. Danielle and Natalie surprised Karen for her big win on Feb.28, who surprised and notified P. Murray in Texas, the 10,000 prize winner? Was it done on the same day? The other 10.000 winner was surprised by Dave the next day March 1 in Florida.

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Colette,

      Due to scheduling conflicts, the Texas $10,000 prize for Gwy. No. 1831 was awarded via certified mail.

      Chris @ PCH

      1. Maureen Sousa says:

        That’s too bad!! Since I alway thought anything for THAT amount would get a special delivery!!

        You KNOW how we ALL look forward to the Prize Patrol coming knocking at our door!!?? ;0)

        TOO bad you do not have a back-up Prize Patrol for those times..>>> or maybe the Patrol should have been split into groups for ALL these BIG prize awards this past time….

        Just a thought for the NEXT time !!! You have TOO many prizes to deliver in the same day!!!


      2. colette wallace says:

        I thought only winners less than 10000 are notified via certified mail, amd anyone who wins 10000 and more are surprised by the prize patrol. Anyway thanks for the answer, Chris. Under certain circumstance anything can change.

  9. Jean Ashley says:

    I’m so happy for Karen,I believe there some luck in the drawing but more so God new Karen needed it for her husband medical expenses and herself. Congs. to you Karen. I have a question for you, will your sister inter now?

  10. Hi Rod,
    I have a question, What happens to the 1 Million for Life? I had saw comments that said they were going to post a date when they were going to chose a new date for the 1 million for life. Are they going to still do this? Thanks.

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hello Debby,

      This particular prize award of $1,000,000 A Year For Life from Giveaway 1830 was a time-limited promotion. However, Giveaway 1830 officially ends in February of 2015.

      Addison @ PCH

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