You’ve already read about the Prize Patrol’s visit to Karen Anderson of Bella Vista, Arkansas. But there’s something else I’d like to tell you: the February 28th delivery of a Million Dollar SuperPrize was WELL-TIMED. Karen lost her job in October, and money was starting to get really tight.

“You have no idea how this is going to help!” Karen cried as she accepted the Big Check, the roses and balloons. (You can see her “winning moment” at With health issues and increased medical expenses facing them, pinching pennies had become the Andersons’ way of life.

Now that Karen has A LOT MORE than pennies in hand, she put two unaccustomed luxuries at the top of her “to do” list: (1) Engage a professional to give her house a top-to-bottom cleaning, and (2) Take her husband out to dinner! (As it turns out, the Andersons didn’t go out to dinner that first night. Karen said she was still too excited to drive; so they ordered-in the best home-delivered pizza they could find!)

On March 1 the Prize Patrol awarded $10,000 to Donna Miner of Orlando, Florida. Again, our delivery was “just in time.” It was a hot day, and Donna’s air conditioning had just gone “on the fritz.” Until we arrived, she was afraid she’d have to suffer through Florida’s hot seasons.

All this reminds me of Barbara Armellino who won $10 Million in the PCH Sweepstakes years ago. The most immediate thrill she got from suddenly becoming rich was her ability to send shirts and linens out for professional laundering. New cars and a new home could wait!

As you can see, many of the simple comforts of life are the first things that PCH Sweepstakes winners want to enjoy. In these continually challenging economic times, we bet there are many of you who would say, “YES! I want to win a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House – because food and gas prices are going up, the costs of raising a family are high, my car is falling apart, EVERYTHING needs a makeover!”

Well, you’ve come to the right place: Publishers Clearing House is “the house where dreams come true.”
If you want to to win, just ask Karen Anderson and Donna Miner – and they will urge you to enter! And that’s easy: just click here on this link to to get started!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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Maureen Sousa said...

Hello Dave,
It is always so nice to see winners that seem to have that PCH LUCK & things always turn out for them right when they really need it…

As A LOT of folks are in these hard circumstances these days… including myself..I know how important it is to keep entering & praying & dreaming that maybe someday MY dreams will also come true thru this awesome PCH house!!!

Good Luck to all !!

P.S. Keep the Faith GINA!!!


Cindy Bonneau said...

Barbara Armellino, Belleville, NJ was January, 1987 Winner. She was a 27-year-old part-time medical technician: This is what she said in a news article for Consumer’s World: ”I was totally elated and now I am able to afford the things I always felt I needed,”
One bit of trivia, this winning moment was not videotaped but it led to all the videos we do see now because of Todd Sloane:
In 1988, the northern New Jersey location of the company’s first Ten Million Dollar winner provided a unique opportunity for Dave Sayer to notify the winner — Barbara Armellino — with the exciting news that she had won the sweepstakes. No cameras were present for this notification, but after hearing about all the excitement that transpired when Mrs. Armellino was informed of her good fortune, Todd Sloane proposed the idea of videotaping the next reaction.

    Maureen Sousa said...

    Thanks for the trivia Cindy,
    But I thought I saw her in one of the tv commercials from 1989 on YOUTUBE ??

    No real video of the “winning moment” but her name is there with her & her husband..

    As I said before… I have watched ALL the videos of winner , not just on PCHTV..

    It is so satisfying to see the reactions of all these people!!

    I cry & smile with JOY for each & every one of them…
    I also watch the Good As Gold awards.. which I NEVER knew about… they just give me more to admire PCH for.. ALL the GOOD things that they do..


MICHAEL.R said...

before reading Any of PCHBLOGS, My Special Links Are Highlighted In Red Words. after that, then I go Ahead for the Win!

    Maureen Sousa said...

    Always wondering about that Michael!!??

    How do you GET your letters in red highlight???
    Some do & some don’t..
    still also do not know how some get those little smily faces on the blog???
    Also their avatar??

    Boy it shows how much a detailed person that I am!!!

    But also how computer illiterate that I am!!! My only excuse is I am “older than all you guys”
    I don’t like that at times.. as I am a carefree person..
    but I guess my artistic detailed side comes out ever now & then..I don;t know how to use it on the computer, but only with my eyes & hands.
    So how did you get your name in RED lettering here on the blog?? what are YOUR special links?

    But AGAIN I LOVE to read about all those that have won this prize especially when it is MOST needed..


gail block said...

I will win when a pot of gold comes out the back where god place the crack 25 years and all they ask is to buy buy buy yeah ok St Patty day hoping i will be working and not sitting at home looking for a better job

Peggy A. Petrovits said...

It is so very hard to cope with the rising prices of everything! I know EVERYONE ELSE is also experiencing the same. How ever being a senior with very little income, It is a very BLEAK future. I enter almost daily with the hope that the “GOOD FAIRY” will look kindly upon me.

Lisa N. said...

Thanks Dave!


I have some of those issues as well..exactly y I enter! lol u have no idea..

Just as Gina S. (HI GINA!:) ) says.. PCH, please come here? (if you’d like?) you’re certainly welcome!

Good luck to all of those who have actually entered for PCH’s St Patrick’s day award;)

Nancy Sexton said...

You say, “All that money has to offer?” How about a little help over here, then? I’ll tell ya all about our financial troubles when ya get here!! Literally, we’re endlessly treading deep water here!! We need a lifejacket thrown to us!!

I’m putting my trust in God for just that one day . . !!!

Congrats and God bless to all!!

Thanks PCH also!!


Gina C. said...

I love to order from PCH They have such great items. Love that easy feet and grass bird houses, I’m getting a a table and real rose plant that would look great in a garden this year. I’ve been wanting the green-pink hue roses for a long time since I seen last. It’s nice to get something I really like and great gifts too.

marrietta bacigalupo said...

Prize Patrol,I have a good feeling,and i am praying that i will be hearing the next Knock! Knock!Then Nat Will Be Here,But First She Has To Leave The suitcase by my door,for my hint,good luck to all and to me,never give up!!! Marrietta Bacigalupo….

Vickie Plasterer said...

I don’t always order anything to enter at PCH or at Shop and Win.
However, when I see something that I want to buy, I buy with confidence. Because of reduced prices at PCH SHop and Win, I have been able to give presents to my immediate family (Husband, Children, Grand Children and Nieces and Nephews). Had I not found the SUPERIOR BARGAINS at SHOP and WIN and PCH, my budget, just like everyone else’s. could not have afforded it.
I have completed my BIG shopping for the year; now it will just be fill ins and when I really need something.
In addition to gifts for others, there are a few household items that it was TIME to REPLACE in our household, such as PILLOWS, New Luxurious TOWEL SETS, a GLASS LID COVERED SKILLET (I broke the lid on my old one and the pan had seen better days after 26 years of use), and of course this FABULOUS DEEP FRYER. I have really put forth some great and new recipes since I got the Deep fryer on sale at Shop and WIN. Fried veggies are quite tasty and it is one way I get my family to eat more veggies.

I have been able to afford to give my oldest Niece and her NEW husband a SONY BLU RAY DVD player as a wedding present. It was featured as the DEAL of the DAY just in time for their wedding and reception.

Really nice jewelry is my weakness and I was Surprised to find such lovely pieces at such reasonable prices. Tanzanite, Chrome Diopside, Garnet,(I got this beautiful Garnet and CZ braclet, Red Garnet earrings to match and my last item in this ensenble will be the RED GARNET Necklace available at SHOP and WIN.
I am watching for this to make it to the DEAL of the DAY(even though it is really priced at a very reasonable price NOW).

I know this. I have to buy things occasionally, so why not first shop at PCH so that I can help support the income which pays out the BIG WINNINGS to everyone. ONE DAY IT JUST MIGHT Be ME.

BY the way, I got the news on my artificial elbow problem. The elbow I have no is worn out, after eleven years of use, and has to be replaced, so in about a week, (i am waiting to here from the doctor and the hosptal’s scheduling department to learn the exact day), I will be admitted to the hospital for about three days to have my new elbow installed. This time it is trickier than the last5 time. I have serious Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis andmy bones are so thin, if the docotr bvreaks the bone while trying to install the new elbow, I will be out of luck and my arm will be still. I have knonw many who have suffered greater losses than this, so I will accept what ever happens.

Anyway, If you don’t hear from me for a while, it is because I am in the hospital followed by a few weeks recovery at home before I will be able to type again.
Who ever said being BIONIC could make you run faster, jump higher and be stringer had NO IDEAHWAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT. I haveso many arificail parts and nuts and bolts in my body now, I told my husband I am no longer the woman he married. He laughed and huggedme tight. These have been rough years.

ANYWAY, SHOP WISELY, BY first LOOKING for your shopping needs at SHOPandWIN and

Have a great one

Vickie P
MArkle, IN

    Maureen Sousa said...

    Good Luck Vickie on your upcoming surgery if that is what need be!!!!

    I VOTE to have you the Pch Shop& Win spokesperson or maybe ambassador if that could be the case!!!

    You are always showing us GREAT things to buy on shop & win.. !!

    I wish at this time I could afford to do some shopping but you have certainly enticed me for when I can…

    as I loved the spot on the tanzanite..!!! I have one & LOVE it !!!

    Thanks, & Good Luck in your surgery

Amanda Eng said...

PCH is like a thrill ride!! You enter on a timely manner when you check through your emails or mail… And then it’s a waiting game but on that day when the winner is going to be announced you think to yourself this could be it!!! I could WIN!! the adrenaline pumping through your veins every car coming up your street or sound outside you think it could be them :) You try to trick yourself with thinking i could never win, it’s fake, oh i’ll just forget about it.. But some win and some don’t some get a chance and some won’t!! It’s a thrill to play it gets ya blood pumping on that special DAY!!!!

tracy johnson said...

would be a fabulous day for me for a special day in my life

Tiffani Ohnemus said...

How come the Prize Patrol didn’t tweet about delivering the 10,000 dollar prize? I still like to read the tweets about how they’re waiting for the winner to come home, etc.

Vickie Plasterer said...

Maureen ,

Once agin I THANK YOU for your well wishes and support !! It is time like this that I need all of the support I can get.

I found out today that my surgery is scheduled for 7:30 A.M. on April 1st, 2011. This gives me a little time to pack some items in our house, as we will be moving to a ‘new’ house at the end of April. I HATE the house we are in now. The foundation is crumbling, the floors are beginning to sag and I am afraid that one day I will be walking and will fall right through the floor into the crawl space; and end up breaking another bone.
This house has been a nightmare to live in. We have invested so much money TRYING to repair this place. What this place really needs is to be TORN DOWN. I would be a terrible spokesperson in the effort to sell this place.

Speaking of SHOPandWIN, yes, I am a happy and content shopper with SHOPandWIN. I have experienced just a couple of small problems, one being a product that was shipped broken, which SHOPandWIN immediately sent me the lables to return to them, at their expense, and the other was a PACKING error. Who ever it was that attempted to seal the box my NEW WHITE JUMBO PILLOWS was shipped in, did a HORRIBLE JOB and my Pillows were exposed to what ever. One pillow got a black mark on it (which I found out I could wash OUT easily and which I did). SHOPandWIN offered to take back the pillows and let me order them again. I told them NO, that I was able to clean the black mark off of my new pillow, However what I wanted the Powers that be at ShopandWin to do, is to check out and then talk with their shipping department, to make certain that the employees take extra care in packing and sealing the shipping packages. MY recommedation was accepted Kindly, and I was told it would be handled. I have not received a poorly packaged container since then.

Maureen what is your favorite game on PCHGAMES.COM and do you have a schedule when you usually are on-line playing? What is your visible screen name? What does your avatar look like? I would love to be able to communicate with you I hope the NEW PCH SEARCHandWIN Community is ready soon. I think we will be able to communicate with each other there.

I will keep you advised about my arm.


Vikcie P

Joshua Johnson said...

If PCH gives money away then they probably know people! I am a single Dad I take care of my 75 year old Grandmother 24 /7. I haven’t had a job in about two years the first year I tried so hard to find a job. But I gave up now I want to make money but can not due to the fact that my grandma is a full time job! NON PROFIT Anyway I owe like 17,000 dollars in child support and who knows how much to the credit union! Just thought you would like to know the kind of hope PCH crushes by random selection maybe you should try helping those that need it by getting to know them!

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Joshua,

    Sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced and hope your situation improves soon.

    Please keep in mind that, in order to be called a sweepstakes it must be open to all and free of charge. Each entry received has an equal chance of winning and we never know who our next winner may be. Our winners are as varied as the faces you see in our famous television commercials coming from all walks of life, ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions. We have had winners who live in big cities, small towns, trailer parks, high rise apartments and even the Alaskan tundra, so keep trying!

    Our mailings are opportunities for a chance to win, and provide clear information that the recipient has not yet won any prize, must enter by the deadline, and must be chosen to win. In order to win an entry must be selected by random drawing or match the winning number selected. Please remember that while we receive entries from all across the land only one individual can actually win each giveaway.

    Please be assured, if you are one of our lucky winners you will definitely be notified. If you are picked as a winner of a prize of $10,000 or more, you will be notified in person by the Prize Patrol. Prizes of under $10,000 are notified by certified mail or by courier. These awards are done as soon as all winning entries and prizes are matched. Our most recent winners can be found on the top of our web site on the scrolling bar and under the “Winners Circle” link. You may also view some of our winning moments at:

    And remember, at Publishers Clearing House no purchase is ever necessary to enter or win!

    Best of luck to you and your family!
    Jodi @ PCH



Theresa Whitt said...

I don’t think this is real. And as far as comming in just the right time, is off too. I am disabled, living on a 900 check every month and my car is my home. I have my 4 yr. old grand daughter with me. She needs a home, food and clothes. And the state is going to take my g. daughter if I don’t have a nice place for her to live. I had a heart attack and she is the only thing keeping my going. With out her I couldn’t live.I have been entering these sweepstakes for 39 years. And have a lot of things sent to me like I’m going to win, but nothing. I need to win a big sweepstakes to get our lives strightened out. So after 39 yrs. and nothing, Don’t ask why I think this is a scam. The comment should say it all.

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Theresa,

    Please remember that our mailings are opportunities for a chance to win, and provide clear information that you have not yet won any prize, must enter by the deadline, and must be chosen to win. In order to win an entry must be selected by random drawing or match the winning number selected. While we receive entries from all across the land, only one individual can actually win each giveaway. Hope you get everything straightened out.

    Rod @ PCH

ruby archer said...

i am really wanting to meet all of you, it would be a honor to meet you,i have never got to meet anyone that was as nice to people all these years ,i am really praying i can meet you, i could really use some help to i really need help my son is always feeling bad and i have to go away from my computer,i will keep trying. ruby archer

ruby archer said...

i wonder how many people has done what my husband and i did about a month before he passd away we changed wedding bands, i don’t know if we are the only one that has ever done that,i feel good about it i feel like he is still with me, i had a very good husband,he took good care of us,i will never forget him i will love him for ever,he was the best. ruby archer

ruby archer said...

god bless all of you at pch you do such good things for people yes it is a job but it is a good job and you make people so happy and you look very happy to.i hope i get to meet all of you there is so many people that wants to do a lot of things but don’t get a chance to do anything . god bless all of you ruby archer


pch it hard for me to tell you how i feel but there are so many who are down on there luck that it doesnt seem wright for me to tell my troubles i would be lieing if i told you that i didnt wont to win but wheather or not i do or i dont it doesnt matter because god knowes whats best for me and i have fath that he will see me throu so i will just keep on believing in him and watching for you.your friend annah

Verle harris said...

Please come here ………………pch

Ralph Trillo said...

I hope the prize patrol arrives to surprise me with a check. Ralph J. Trillo

Kim andrus said...

I would love to get a big check. Why? To many people have broken down cars and truck to help stop emission from harming the I zone. I would like to help make dreams dreams come true pch