The name Publishers Clearing House is such a well recognized brand, welcomed and trusted in so many homes, that it is often illegally used by scam artists in an attempt to fraudulently con consumers for the sole purpose of soliciting cash.  PCH would like to remind you to BEWARE OF SCAMS posing as legitimate sweepstakes.  Scammers may email you or send you a letter ‘claiming’ to be from Publishers Clearing House.  Oftentimes, scammers may send out real-looking checks in an attempt to get you to send money. Using a variety of false promises, the scammers will ultimately ask you to send money in order to claim a non-existent prize.  If you receive such a contact, DO NOT send or wire money!  At Publishers Clearing House the winning is always FREE and it is never necessary to pay any money to enter or win our famous PCH Sweepstakes!

PCH has been actively attacking scams like these working with law enforcement and undertaking a number of comprehensive consumer protection programs.  From an educational standpoint we have posted alerts in our mail and on our website at pch.com.  We have recorded anti-scam messages on our toll-free customer service lines reminding all callers that if it is not free it is not a legitimate prize.  We ask consumers to provide us details of the scams and PCH keeps track of these reported incidents through a comprehensive anti-scam database.  Working closely with law enforcement and consumer protection groups, we continually share information with these valued partners in an effort to assist in targeting scammers and attempting to bring them to justice. Among others, PCH has worked closely with the Federal Trade Commission,  Postal Inspection Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the US Attorney’s Office.  We are also pleased to be a member of the Consumer Federation of America’s Fake Check Task Force that brings together leading industry, consumer protection and not-for-profit groups to brainstorm on efforts to target and reduce these scams.

PCH is pleased to add a new weapon in the fight against fraud by becoming a designated contributor to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Database Network.  Consumer Sentinel, maintained by the FTC, is a secure online database of consumer complaints available only to law enforcement.  Law enforcement officials from all around the country use the information in this national database to enhance and coordinate sweepstakes fraud investigations.  Publishers Clearing House is proud to be one of a select group of corporate entities that contributes to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Database!

Remember, if you receive a contact from someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House, and you are asked to send or wire money to claim a prize, DO NOT!  If you believe you have been the victim of a fraudulent contact using the name of Publishers Clearing House, please report it using our Scam Incident Report.

At PCH we care about consumers and are committed to helping you stay safe, informed and protected!


Margaret Crossan

PCH Consumer Affairs Department

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  1. Today 4/26/2017, I received a phone call from a man stating he was from the Claims Department and he was notifying me that he had a check in the amount of $650,000.00 that he needed to make arrangements to have the check delivered. I asked him who he was calling, he gave the name and it just so happened to be the name of my deceased husband. I then asked him what number he was calling, the phone number he gave was the phone number and address I know is listed in local phone directory of the city I live in. I then told him he was scamming and take me off the call list. I hung up. He immediately called me back and said we must have gotten disconnected, I said no, I hung up. I then asked him exactly what company he was calling from he said PCH, and it was vital that he have the checked delivered to my home. I said okay have the PCH van with roses and balloons show up at my gate. He then said, they would but first I needed to get a receipt for the taxes on the money in the amount of $1,200.00 from Coogers, I repeated Coogers, I asked him are you saying Krogers, he said yes and have the receipt ready to hand to their representative when they came to my home. I said I have better idea, you take the tax out first and mail me the check, and hung up. He called me back a third time and said I do not understand why you don’t want your money and we also discovered you have won a 2017 SUV. I said ok show up at my home and I will meet you at my gate along with the Sheriffs Department and my guard dog. He persisted and said that would be fine, but I needed to go get a gold seal account receipt once I paid the taxes on the money. He didn’t mention the taxes that I know needed to be paid on the prize SUV that I won. I doesn’t take a genius to know taxes on $650,000.00 and an SUV is not $1,200.00. For the third time I told him to take me off his list and not call me again. Bye Bye Mr Scammer. this bird flew the coop..

  2. I am glad you have taken such steps. Hopefully this will clear up some day. I was lucky enough to order from you and knew you didn.t phone people when they won. and also no money was needed.

  3. I also received a letter saying I had won second place in 100 million dollar super cash giveaway promotion. It sounded too good to be true and guess it was. Asked to take check to bank and deposit it and then call them right back. After reading this and seeing someone else had received the same notice, knew it was a scam. Check was issued from Romeroski Corp out of Roselle Park, NY.

  4. Long time pch player. I recently recieved 3 emails telling me i had won 850,000. Sweet right? Wrong i continued reading, they are from England wanted me to pay a small fee to recieve the cjeck. The wording was off and i didnt recognize any of the sites they wanted information from me that i knew pch already had. So sad to see what existent some horrible people would go through to drain us of our hard earned money. Beware to all. If it sounds to good to be true. It probably is. Well unless i see the pch van outside. Lol.

  5. the black jack game is stacked in pch favor how is anyone able to put up 1 million points? every time you draw 2 cards if your dealt less than 17 you have a 2 percent chance of beating the dealer hand

  6. Received a letter on PCH letter head stating I had won 2nd prize in a PCH contest of $550,000.00. A check was enclosed for $7,897.00. The contact person was Jeff Peterson @ 1-647-673-4159. They told me to deposit the check and to call them right back further instruction. I took the check to a bank ad ask them to verify that this check was good. First red flag was that the check was wrote on an account of a company by the name of Steel City. I did not call them back. The Check was not any good. What a horrible thing to do to people.

  7. recieved phone call from a Dave Sayer advising me I was a winner on your sweepstakes.He kept me on phone quite awhile After listening to him over an hour with all info .He finally asked for 799.00 to pay for taxes on the new Lincoln car I had won with the cash prize. Thats when I knew it was a scam.I then called your offices and gave a info to one of your employees(Annie).She took all info and was very pleasant.THak you all very much.

    1. Hey Charles! We’re sorry to hear that you were contacted by someone claiming to be from the real PCH. We take the issue of scams very seriously and we strive to educate our consumers on what to watch for and how to protect themselves. We regularly post links to our PCH Fan Page with valuable information for our fans. Here’s one of those links that I encourage you to take a look at: http://bit.ly/PCHConsumerProtection. Since scammers are sneaky and many of them are overseas, it’s not always easy to catch them. We feel that it’s a “team-effort” to try to stop them which is why we ask that you report all scam contacts to us here: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. Be careful and stay safe everyone!!

  8. Hello I received an email stating that I have one over 850 million dollars and to contact a shipping company in England for the check.I looked up the shipping company and it looks legit what to do.

  9. I did not send them money but I want you to know that he kept me on the phone over an hour giving names and long explanations and information I would need when they came to give me my money also it sounded so real until the end when he said about wiring money I feel very sorry for anyone who falls for this scam

  10. Do you miss Crossan how you doing this morning this is Joe Sanders I have received the email saying that I want to prize from publishers clearing House asking for my name age phone number in some’s serial number on the attachment I was going to see can I want to give me a contact name my email address is Joe E Sanders 65 Yahoo.com or my phone number is 252-268-8119 any information you can be proud provide me will be very helpful thank you ma’am and have a blessed day