A PCH Poem from a PCH Instant Winner

The PCH Prize Patrol never visited Doris. C from Louisville, OH to award her a $10,000 Publishers Clearing House instant win cash prize. The Publishers Clearing House Instant Winner didn’t receive the bouquet of roses or balloons along with her PCH prize. Although her winning moment happened in the online realm, she was probably just as excited to win $10,000 online as anyone could be!

Doris C. is one of the many PCH winners who entered through Publishers Clearing House online properties and can say that they won an instant online sweepstakes. The only difference is that instead of  having the Prize Patrol surprise her in her house or at work, she won $10,000 instantly while playing the Pop&Win game at PCH.com!

PCH Winner Doris C. was so thrilled about instantly winning $10,000 that she voluntarily sent us a short hand-written poem expressing her gratitude for becoming a PCH Winner. We thought it would be an especially nice thing to share this Publishers Clearing House winner’s funny and flattering poem:

To the front door they walk

Quiet as a mouse,

Ring the bell,

Open the door,

Its Publishers Clearing House!

Doris C. $10,000 online winner

Doris C. concluded the PCH poem with “Hope this put a smile on your face – winning $10,000 sure put a big one on mine!!! Thank you PCH!”

While many entrants win, or even more, entrants win through traditional offline letters, Publishers Clearing House has developed many more ways for you to enjoy free entry into its big cash sweepstakes including PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win, and PCHGames.com. I personally think that winning online is a lot like having Dave Sayer of the Prize Patrol magically appear next to you!

If you won a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes prize, would you personally rather receive the prize online or offline?

The “Prize” Queen

37 thoughts on “A PCH Poem from a PCH Instant Winner”

  1. carlamantee says:

    Thank you very much

  2. michael ward says:

    My name is Michael ward I have been playing pch Pop & win instant cash…I popped three different balloons on three different days before the deadline…each balloon I selected said ” Congradulations Youve won 10,000.00 cash .so to add it up I won a total of $30,000.00 ..which I had my wife record each time I played..snapshots stored in my phone…so I contacted pch and let them know because prize patrol has notcontacted me ..the rep Iinformed me if I have the snapshots they have no choice but to pay whats rightfully owed…Which I read Iin pch terms of sweeps …they live by a code pch integrity…well it feels good to be a three time winner..but we will see if pch has the integrity they claim to have..wish me luck

  3. Annah willie says:

    I am hopping to have a marry Christmas.

  4. Annah willie says:

    hello my friend I am back to search another day i am still waiting and still hanging in there.

  5. Edna Flynn says:

    I’m hoping you will be stopping at my door,My husband just had a foot amputated & the money would sure come in handy to help pay the extra bills we’ll have to help care for him.I had 2 back surgery’s so I can’t help lift him when needed.Please stop at my door.We would be so grateful.

  6. Annah willie says:

    i hope that if i am going to win anything that it happens real soon because i am going to be quite busy in the months to come with my new family and plaining my new life and starting over.

  7. annah willie says:

    I am still searching and still nothing yet ,is this going to be my day?

  8. Lisa Russell says:

    It wouldne matter as long as I got the chance to say that god has his hand in every good thing. ut would be such a blessing to me right now and greatley apprechated and everybody would know how great pch and God can change the path of someone in need who hold faith and believe that there are still good in the world and some people really do what they claim to do. like P.c.h.

  9. gayle witcher says good luck and treat everyone like u want to be treated. may 24 2012a at 7 31 pm

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