A Life Changing Legacy

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Many may dream of the life changing legacy a huge sweepstakes prize win from Publishers Clearing House would provide.  The screams of delight, gasps of disbelief, sighs of relief and tears of joy that occur during heartwarming winning moments are as much symbols of Publishers Clearing House as the Prize Patrol carrying a dozen roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check.  No wonder PCH SuperPrize winners are speechless – the power of that kind of money to change the lives of our winners and their families is overwhelming!

Some life changing legacies our winners have experienced over the years include the ability to save a house from foreclosure so their family wouldn’t have to move; the financial security to pay off debts and seek overdue medical treatment; the satisfaction of being able to visit dearly missed loved ones and the establishment of a scholarship so promising young students could benefit for generations to come.  One Ten Million Dollar winner used his prize money to fund a political campaign and won the local mayoral election … and a $5,000.00 A Year For Life winner used a portion of her windfall to throw a huge party for the entire school where she worked … both of these events certainly impacted a lot of lives!

It may be no surprise to you that our multi-million dollar sweepstakes prizes have improved life for many people; but there’s another kind of transformational gift associated with our company of which you are probably not aware.  It’s called the Choice Magazine Listening Service (CML), which is supported by the Lucerna Fund that was established by one of our company’s founders, LuEsther T. Mertz .

CML is a free service offering professional recordings of the best of contemporary writing from leading magazines to those who cannot read due to visual or physical disability.  The recordings are available on 4-track cassettes, special thumb drives or by download.  The playback equipment and downloads of these recordings for the visually impaired are available through the Library of Congress.   For more information, you can visit the Choice Magazine Listening Service website at http://www.choicemagazinelistening.org/.

LuEsther MertzWith her generous establishment of the Lucerna Fund to support the Choice Magazine Listening Service, Mrs. Mertz gave a wonderful life changing legacy to many Americans.  And, with the growth of Publishers Clearing House to become the nation’s leading sweepstakes that has awarded over $225 Million in prizes, our founders left a legacy that changed the lives of our big prize winners, their families and heirs.  A lot of dreams have come true, thanks to our founders, and the giving keeps on going.

For your chance to enter our life-changing sweepstakes, be sure to visit pch.com today!


Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH, Publishers Clearing House

P.S.  Come back to the PCH Blog tomorrow, 5/17/11, for another story about the philanthropy of the founders of Publishers Clearing House.

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  2. Judith young says:

    God bless everyone who has been that selected person to have a dream of the unthinkable. I dont ask for much I’m a 32 year old mom of San Diego California I know I’m not at all A perfect mother i did not graduate high school or go to college i have worked since I was 18.2 months ago I had everything nice muscle car,a big increase in pay after 6 1/2 years a job I enjoyed my 2nd family a decent 3 bedroom condo my 3 kkids (the most important ).I lost my job unemployment has not kicked in today rent is due don’t have it and the state wants my kids my car is scraped a 3000$ eye soar all in a 1 1/2 months time.Can i wake up from this nightmare and step into the unthinkable I wish I wish!!!!!!

  3. sharon white says:

    I just got my home refinanced to borrow money for repairs which I was only allowed 10 thousand dollars for repairs after getting a new roof it was a little left for inside repairs.My roof was leaking damage my walls and floors,now my house note went up and I still need money for repairs.

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