Win The PCH Sweepstakes, Take A Vacation For Life!

If you could win the PCH Sweepstakes and take a vacation for life, where would you go?  With $5000 A Week For Life, the possibilities would be endless!

I recently went to San Juan, Puerto Rico for some much needed sun and fun with my family. We tasted the local fare (mmm, mofongo is to die for!), swam in the beautiful ocean (the prettiest turquoise-blue I’ve ever seen!), and got a taste of the local culture (who could resist the Bacardi factory?). As I sat totally relaxed on the beach, toes in between the sand, I couldn’t help but think: I need to do this more often! If only I could win the PCH Sweepstakes, and take a vacation for life!

While I’m ineligible for any of our big prize giveaways as a PCH employee, it could happen for you! Just think of all those dream destinations you could finally make a reality if you won one of our cash prizes. Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas … which would you choose? As a winner of one of our big prize giveaways like $5000 A Week For Life, you wouldn’t have to. You could go to one destination each week, and still have money left over for that European vacation – Paris, Italy, Spain, OH MY!

But before you start packing your bags and booking those trips, there’s one thing you MUST do: enter the PCH Sweepstakes! It’s so easy – and ABSOLUTELY FREE – so enter the PCH Sweepstakes online at!  Or you could also go for cash prizes at PCHSearch&Win. Got some shopping to do? Online shopping is so convenient at PCHShop&Win, and there are even more chances to win big prize giveaways!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to win the PCH Sweepstakes to get $5000 A Week For Life and take a vacation for life, enter today, enter tomorrow, enter every day of the week! Before you know it, you could be sitting on the sand, tropical drink in hand!


Amanda C.

PCH Creative Department

637 thoughts on “Win The PCH Sweepstakes, Take A Vacation For Life!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Taking a Vacation for life would mean the world to me because I hadnt had the opportunity to travel with my family since there father passed away. My Ex Husband.

  2. Hello I am a single mother of 3 beautiful kids 12,6,& 7. We have been struggling for 10+years and I don’t know what to do. I am trying to stay strong for them but I feel myself wanting to burst out in tears but I can’t let them see me cry because they are going to be depressed!! I was in an abusive relationship with their father for a very long time, I had black eyes, busted nose, busted lips, bruises, a broken finger, dragged down the stairs while I was pregnant, pushed in the tub hitting my head on the faucet causing me to have a nott in the middle of my head, as well as getting guns put to my head!!! I couldn’t go anywhere, wear what I want, or have friends. I couldn’t keep a job because he would threatening me. I tried everything to get away from him, I’ve moved 6 times within 2 years. Been homeless with my kids, due to no family support I lost my kids to him, & his mom for three years but by the grace of god I got full legal custody back of all three now we live in Lexington S.C, known as Redbank where racism still exists sorry to say! I try to get and keep a job but can’t, that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up I’m still trying!!!! I love my babies too much to give up on them!!! My 7 year old daughter & I was just in a terrible accident Tuesday, January 12,2015. I lost control of my truck and we flipped 3xs and landed upside down, we are still a little shooking up! My truck was totaled now we don’t have transportation!!! I keep trying to find ways to earn income but all I seem to encounter is scams!! I hate that my kids feel as though we don’t have good luck but I keep telling them God is our good luck charm and we just need to keep faith & pray everyday!! My life is not make believe this is very much true & I have all my papers etc. to show everything I’m saying is true. I want to finish my computer programming class, go to cosmetology school, as well as go to school for domestic violence so I can help peoplewho are going through what I’ve been through letting them know they can get help getting out of it! I had to move from Washington D.C to South Carolina. Now my goal is to give a much better life for my three kids and people in desperate need of help!!! God Bless everyone & their families!!!! Yours Truly, Shamina Wright & kids. Lexington South Carolina

  3. I’m not insecure, and God knows if I was rich as you Pch, I would just serve my friends, but, I would serve all people in need all over, especially the people that are going through, what I have described to you concerning my wife and youngest daughter, that I can’t afford to be with,one you’re not always going to be on top,one day humpty dumpty,is going to have a drought season, and goes around comes around,the way you want people to be there for you, you have to be there for people.

  4. If I ever win this Millionai re making superprize Throug,h Pch, you don’t have to worry about my donation to the children of St jude, I’m a man of my word, not like some people who sale you a dream, by telling you, we make your dreams come true at Pch, or if you see the Pch Van at your door would you scream, jump holla?

  5. Pch and while you’re at it, I would Love to come completely out of the debt that I’m in and been bagging you to help me out of,for years also.

  6. Pch, How many more years do I’ve got to keep entering this contest to finally win one $15,000.00 dream vacation, that could finally save my marriage? But, about the time that you answer me,my mmarriage will be already over.

  7. Carla M Antee says:

    Good morning I would Love To win The Lifetime Vacation for 1000.000 Gwy No. 4650

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