PCH Throws a Celebration for Mega Prize Winner!

There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you…

You know that Publishers Clearing House loves to “celebrate good times, come on!” That Kool and the Gang song has become our unofficial anthem – it has been featured in our commercials, used during our recent Prize Patrol meet and greet at Mall of America®, and even played to welcome our Mega Prize winner to PCH headquarters. Yes, that’s right, PCH threw a little celebration for a guest of honor: LeRoy Faulks Sr., Mega Prize winner of $1,000,000.00 plus $5000.00 A Week For Life!

LeRoy and his family were invited to spend a day at PCH headquarters in mid-January. This was the first winner visit since PCH invited Doris Gray, a past $5000.00 A Week For Life winner, to visit HQ a few years ago. The Faulks family was greeted by their old friends, the Prize Patrol, as well as PCH executives like CEO Andy Goldberg and Executive Vice President Deborah Holland. They were then led to the PCH cafeteria which was full of excited PCH employees festively throwing around balloons. And, of course, “Celebration” played as the Faulks family walked in to applause, a standing ovation! LeRoy said he felt like a celebrity (well, he kind of is to us!).

PCH employees and the guests of honor watched LeRoy’s winning moment as it was projected onto a big screen. The audience laughed, cheered, and “aww”-ed at all the right moments! LeRoy’s family provided colorful commentary as they watched their relative win a life-changing prize.

LeRoy and his wife, Cecilia, both said a few words, thanking the company and expressing their deep gratitude. Cecilia even shed a few tears, and I can tell you that my eyes were definitely not dry as the Faulks spoke. Dave Sayer even presented LeRoy and Cecilia with one of the special checks that will change their lives forever.

After this little celebration, the Faulks family was whisked away for a PCH tour, including a tour of a place that not many people have seen – the PCH photo studio! If you remember, when LeRoy was surprised by the Prize Patrol on November 30th, he exclaimed that he couldn’t wait to buy a new camera with his winnings! Well, this tour of the photo studio was the perfect fit for LeRoy. The photographers gave him detailed explanations about how to use the photo equipment. Apparently, he didn’t want to leave!

After the tour, the Faulks and some PCH employees sat down for a delicious lunch where they relived the winning moment and got to know each other even better.

Laura At PCH

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  1. if you win something i thought strruggle make me success today. Its very awesome moment of life which we cant forget. Because i feel this.

  2. Iam ready and wait for my lucky day praying every day all my prombles will vanish my god bless me real soon yvonne lews rhea mia fla 33150 1148 n w 100st

  3. Yes pch that would be soooo nice !me there doing what Leroy was celebrating me having a dream come true for not just me for all my family and friends I want to claim 8800gwy at pch

  4. Hello I’m ready to celebrate with the Publisher Clearing House prize Patrol.
    I can’t wait the have #LUCKY THE #BIGCHECK framed and put on my wall.

    Thank you and may God bless us all!