Wish Upon a Lucky Star and SuperPrize Dreams Could Come True

Big Dreamers: Never stop wishing on your lucky star to win the SuperPrize!

My entire family is full of big dreamers, and my toddler niece is no exception. She’s been wishing upon her lucky star to go to Disney World for as long as I can remember. Or at least since she saw those big black ears for the first time. Finally, her dream is coming true this month, as my brother and sister-in-law are taking her on her first Disney adventure. What’s on her wish list? To meet all her favorite Walt Disney princesses, of course, especially her favorite, Cindy (aka Cinderella). She’s even got her own Cindy dress to match.

I remember being my niece’s age, with Disney dreams of my own (Ariel was my fave). But as I got older, my dreams shifted from Walt Disney princesses to boys, college, my career, my family, vacations and the likes.  But what’s important is that I’ve never stopped dreaming.

I’ve got a feeling that you, PCH fans, are like me. Dreamers at heart, and big dreamers at that. Dreaming, wishing, believing is a big part of what being a PCH fan is all about.  Dreaming about winning the big SuperPrize. Wishing upon a lucky star that it’s your SuperPrize number that’s picked on drawing day. Believing it can happen to you. It’s your dreams that inspire us to do what we do, day after day, year after year. And it’s your dreams that inspire you to enter the PCH Sweepstakes online at pch.com.

From all of us at PCH, “the house where dreams come true,” we hope you’ll never stop being big dreamers because we’ve got lots more dreams to make come true, and we’d love them to be yours! So c’mon, keep dreaming, keep wishing upon that lucky star, and keep entering to win the big SuperPrize at pch.com.

Because after all, as they say in Pinocchio, “when you wish upon a star, your dreams could come true.” And then you’d live happily ever after, just like the Walt Disney princesses!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. Yes this has been a wish for a.lifetime it seem yes I want to be the new pch winner for life of course who wouldn’t I just wanted u to know I’m playing my heart out I have lost my child’s father and I’m disabled so it w be a huge blessing to others as my self.:)

  2. Having our 6 children with our 4 grandchildren with us to disneyworld would be the greatest wish come true for our family. This granny will make it come true no matter what!