The Prize Patrol Brings “More Riches” to Moriches, NY!

Hi everyone it’s Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol and I’m so excited to tell you my story of the newest PCH winning moment!

The day was March 16th. I was ready to bring some “green” to the lucky $10,000 St. Patrick’s Day winner!  The holiday luck was even on MY side because the winner lived about 1 hour from PCH Headquarters in Port Washington, NY!  I jumped in my car and headed to Moriches, Long Island to bring…well…”more riches” to our big winner Stanley Hartman!

With a cup of coffee in hand and a short drive from work, I arrived at our winner’s hometown without any issues!  I even showed up 10 minutes early to the local florist (and if you knew me, you would understand how rare that is haha). I love awarding prizes in small towns because the florist actually knew Stanley and was so excited for him!  She even gave us some helpful hints about where we could find him if he wasn’t home! In my head I could only think: “this winning moment is just TOO perfect!” A few minutes later I arrived at the winner’s house — here we go!

((Knock, knock, knock))     Standing there in anticipation with the BIG Check, balloons and flowers in hand, I expected Stanley to answer the door since I noticed a window was open on the side of the house.

((Knock, knock, knock))     Round 2 – still no answer.

((Ding dong, ding dong))   My smile turned to a frown as I realized we needed to move on to Prize Patrol Plan B.

I walked away to ask a neighbor for help and then …. oh no…what’s that sound – it’s Stanley opening his door! In my head all I could think was — run Danielle, run (but don’t fall in your high heels!).  Luckily he was a little groggy since he had just woken up so I don’t think he noticed my frantic look.  Stanley has been a loyal PCH fan for years and couldn’t believe that the Prize Patrol was really standing there on his doorstep with “more riches“!  He was in complete shock and proclaimed “God is good”.

We learned that Stanley is a retired writing teacher who enjoys spending his time singing in a gospel quartet (I tried to get him to serenade me but he was too excited to perform hehe!). This lucky PCH cash windfall came at just the right time and he plans on helping his family now that he has “more riches“.

And just like that, we have another winner and another winning moment I’ll never forget!  Before I go, I want to leave you, blog readers, with a question. If the Prize Patrol showed up at YOUR door with “more riches,” who is the FIRST person you would hug?  Comment below and let me know <3

Best of luck everyone!

Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

32 thoughts on “The Prize Patrol Brings “More Riches” to Moriches, NY!”

  1. for surer you know danell

  2. Pam Wingfield says:

    If by some miracle PCH came to my door, I would hug whoever was closest to me and then work my way through everyone!! I have been trying religously to win for years and continue to hope that one day soon I will get this winning opportunity. Would love to say, “I told you so!” to my husband and kids. :0) Thank you PCH for the many chances to win and make dreams come true.

  3. joseph tester says:

    i would hug my fiance and my little boy if he isnt to busy playing with his cars and if i didnt pass out but then i would do it in that order when i came to anyways and most likly everyone that is there too but thats just a guess i really dont know what i would do

  4. Danielle Lam Prize Patrol Elite says:

    Thank you SO MUCH everyone reading my blog and responding. PCH fans are the BEST and I feel so lucky to be able to chat with you all! xoxoxo Danielle Lam

  5. Carol Hogue says:

    I would hug my long timer of a boyfriend that’s been thru thick thicker thickest &thin times with me n kitty n of coarse my second perfect little man my # 1 kitty then we go get his son n I’ll have all 3 of my boys my 3 gentlemen

  6. Jodel Guerrero says:

    I would begin with you Danielle

  7. christina rogers says:

    my name is christina,if i ever win the publishers clearing house the frist person i will hug is Danielle Lam. March 28,2012 at 10:48pm

  8. marlyn skonezny says:

    like i said isure hope you come to apple valley calif soon. love to win win win and a BIG CONGRAT TO THE STANLEY FAMILY HAVE FUN

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