PCHers Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions!

Call me old-fashioned, but I just love holiday traditions! In fact, it’s the little things my family does year after year that I look forward to most about the holidays! Second to the gifts, of course!

Since I was a little girl, we’ve done the same things every year on the special days. For Easter, my sister, brother and I all get Easter baskets filled with goodies from my parents. And believe me, we’re not kids anymore. My brother even has a daughter of his own, but he still expects and gets one every year! It’s a family tradition!

My favorite family tradition though has to be our annual Easter Egg Cracking Contest that happens every year at Easter breakfast. Here’s how it works. One person is the “hitter”. The other is the “receiver”. The hitter holds his egg above the receiver’s egg and hits down on it. Then, you look to see whose egg was cracked, the hitter or the receiver. The person whose egg is uncracked moves onto the next round. And this goes on and on, around the table, until one egg remains, and one personr is left standing and declared this year’s egg cracking champion! My mother holds the 2012 title.

My Family Tradition: Egg Cracking Contest

In writing this blog, I wanted to be able to share with you holiday traditions from all your favorite PCHers. The first person I asked was Dave Sayer, and wouldn’t you know, his family has the same egg cracking family tradition as mine! But he calls the last egg standing competition “bunking,” and says it came from his German grandfather’s family tradition.

Fellow Prize Patrol member Danielle Lam shared her family tradition of making Greek Easter bread. It sure looks yummy! Danielle says her family always makes extra, so they can enjoy it all week long!

Danielle's Family Tradition: Greek Easter Bread!

Blog writer Elliot shared his childhood tradition of celebrating Passover dinner with family and friends. He remembers how symbolic and important the Seder was, especially the eating of the bitter herbs.

When asked about her holiday traditions, Contest Manager Maryann Carter said she makes her grandmother’s famous lasagna recipe as the main course for her Italian Easter dinner every year. Mmmmm, can I be invited next year, Maryann?

Now that I’ve shared PCHers favorite holiday traditions, I want to know what yours are! Do you guys have egg cracking contests like me, or do you do something else? Please comment below and share with me. Maybe I’ll pick up some cool ones from you and make them a new family tradition!

Thanks for reading!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative



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  1. Make sure to go to church, even if we are sick, we’ll still watch an Easter service on TV. Like singing Easter hymns on Easter too.

  2. i love easter since i was a child on easter egg hunting but mostly, thankful to jesus for every blessings flow continually in my life! thanks always for amazing stories!

  3. Swienconka or the blessing of the Easter baskets is my favorite holiday tradition. It’s the most beloved Polish tradition because all the food has a significance and is used to prepare a Easter breakfast that ends Lent. It’s my grandmother and Mom’s tradition and now mine!

    1. It is a wonderful thing to share you Holliday Traditions it is a Time to share thing to do and get people to helps that will make them closer and have more fun than being alone .It is fun to see all the kinds of ways people celebrate and there traditions it seems like a kind and gentle way to really get deep into a persons life. I love to go to my friends and just watch an glean from them it makes me feel good all over. I like to see how they react to each other and help make the day so nice. I especially love Christmas that is a time when hearts are merry and things slow down on that day .In my house we like to read from the Bible sense it is Christ’s Birthday and some singing and lots of food.We always have the same thing Turkey and Dressing ,mashed, potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole with marsh mellows on the top and home canned green beans condiments, home made Roles ,Pumping pie pecan pie Rum cake cookies candy home made every thing is home made and home caned.that is the pumpkin green beans and pickles home made so good . and My mothers recipe for a potato cake which is a chocolate cake with nuts and so moist so good. That is food form my house Brenda Carlton

    2. How nice it has been to read your post and very nice of you to share it. I love the way you start the day and it gong on through until the evening and how your tradition is . My Friend is Polish and I was invited to there house and wasted and I got such a wonderful feeling that day. She showed me the steps and how they did .I loved it . I am glad to see people cary on traditions. Some never stop and that is so good for the generations coming up in the world.
      Brenda Carlton

  4. Hello Amanda C., PCH Creative

    I loved all your different stories about your traditions on how you all celebrated Easter and Passover at PCH!!! I just think it is really fun to get together and celebrate with our families and friends!

    At our house we have for our Easter Holiday traditions the egg cracking contests as well and my husband holds the record this year (2012), it is a lot of fun playing this contest every year. We also have “Butter Kuken” which is sweet bread with butter and sugar on it for breakfast, it is German. I LOVE it!!!!! YUM!!!!!

    The night before the easter bunny comes and hides eggs around the house so when my son wakes up he receives an Easter basket and he will go hunting for all his eggs. We have so much fun, then we eat breakfast (egg contest), then go to church. After that we go to my parents house and spent the rest of the day with them, it is just a lot of fun!!!! I just can not believe the it is already April, 2012 is going by very fast for me.

    Well, I do hope that your day is going well for you and have a great weekend!!!!!

  5. OMG!!! Danielle I’am a GREEK GIRL TOO~ How Cool is this,My parents are Greek. We have the same here at my house Greek Easter always a family tradition! Wow this is awesome to me that We Are Greek Girls! Have a Blessed day. xo xo xo

  6. Hello Amanda,

    It is great to see that someone else does the traditional egg cracking contest also!!!!

    I do this every year as my grandmother taught us long ago..

    Do you know how to check if an egg is going to be the WINNING EGG??
    Tap the tip lightly on your top teeth… it will have a good solid sound ( or so says my Dad)

    We have a five dollar scratch ticket for the winner as a prize..I added that to the family tradition now that we do the family dinner…

    My stepdaughter won it this year but as usual nothing on the ticket, but one year my brother won 400.00!!!

    Thanks for your family tradition story.I bet you have a LOT of egg salad this week as I do!!!


  7. Wonderful blog Amanda as always! Danielle I always Thought you where greek! You have the goddess lookand nythe way the dish really doeslook delicious! 😉 Dave tell gramps thanks for the idea really cool jk Amanda! Elliot I have expierenced your tradition once before when I was attending Catholic School. We recreated the stations and lots of other things for religion class! Maryann Lasagna is my spouse’s favorite dish! I bet he would love to come over for dinner at your house! As for me my mother was similar to yours Amanda! When I was very young she would always buy cupcakes for every holiday so my sibliings and I could bring them to school and share with friends! We would always recieve Easter baskets have an easter egg hunt! Not the bunker! And ultimately a family dinner! I have passed this traditiion on to my child in hopes of her remembering and passing it on to her children one day! I may even consider adding a few new ones. Good luck on the sewwpstakes everyone!

  8. from my native family Easter Holiday traditions Can be Wonderful choices of food like fresh fried Snapper fish right out of the beautiful water of the Caribbean, along with that as most family do such as ares Include Bread as many say in the England Speaking Nations pronouced it as Easter bun’s but are native Island version of it as Hot Cross buns that can be Spiced with Raisins and that is how we enjoy East monday Island wise Now my wife American Family’s Traditions it very’s from Corn bread, my favorite to Southern Collard Greens, that is Rich and Healthy with baked or fried Chicken Mac&cheeze along with Dressing Plus its all just to Celebrate family and the Beautiful Atmosphere Surrounding the Easter Sunday Holiday we all know the reason for the Season. So YOU Can Imagine Me for a Second Winning a Life Changing SuperPrize like $5,000 A Week for Life in the PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE Sweepstakes would be Awesome.

  9. Amanda C. PCH Creative, Thank you for the story. Danielle, I love the all the holidays and the more family around the better. I love your family tradition, I will now start that tradition with my family, sounds like a lot of fun, congratulations to your Mom for holding the 2012 title. Oh Danielle that Greek Easter Bread looks very tasty I will also try that some day. Dave I am also from German decent my maiden name is Sefried. I can remember around Thanks Giving, my family would let a bone on the turkey dry out, not sure what kind of bone it was for sure? We called it the wish bone. One person would hold one side, and the other would grab the other, and pull until it broke. In half, who ever got the longer half would make a wish I always lost. I am going to make another wish, I wish and dream that I win the PCH Prize, and meet the PCH Prize Patrol team.<3 🙂