The Prize Patrol Surprises Big Winners on The Price Is Right

If you’ve been tuning into The Price Is Right on CBS this week, then you know that the Prize Patrol and I have been busy making appearances on the daytime game show!

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol recently made a trip out to Hollywood to film a week’s worth of The Price Is Right episodes. The entire experience was thrilling, to say the least! Going into it, we all had a massive feeling of winning moment anticipation. Who were going to be the big winners? Who were we going to see? What will it be like to be part of an iconic game show?

As we walked into CBS studios, it dawned on us that the Prize Patrol had entered a whole new world. Hollywood is full of glitz and glamour, and we got to experience it firsthand. We were surrounded by stars! Our dressing room was even in the same hallway as all of the daytime soap opera stars. So cool, right?

Before we knew it, it was show time! The energy in the studio was unlike anything we’ve ever felt before. The audience was loud, energetic, and BEYOND excited to be part of The Price Is Right. The atmosphere was electric! This only added to our exhilaration – we were not only excited to be part of the show, but we couldn’t wait to see who would win and when!

As you may know from watching, any PLINKO winner this week will be awarded with a Big Check from the Prize Patrol. While watching Monday’s contestant, Summer Johnson, drop her PLINKO chips, we were SHOCKED to see them drop down and hit $20,000.00. I mean, the first player on the first episode and we were already being summoned to the stage!  Summer Johnson was so energized by her win – she bounded down the stairs and hugged Todd so hard that he had BRUISES the next day! But it’s okay – the Prize Patrol has a lot of experience dealing with enthusiastic winners. We’re used to unpredictable winning moment reactions from our many BIG winners.

You know, The Price Is Right is a lot like entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Just as the show contestant has many fun chances to win big money, so do PCH entrants! We have so many ways to enter our sweepstakes (at, at the PCH Fan Page, or with your first daily search at PCHSearch&Win), as well as lots of great games to play and win! And just as The Price Is Right winners have HUGE responses to winning large sums of money, so do our big winners … which you can see in the winning moment videos on

Keep watching The Price Is Right on CBS this week (check your local listings for channel and time!). The Prize Patrol will be making another surprise appearance. It will be a twist that you may not see coming…

Leave a comment and let us know if you’re watching!

Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol
Danielle Lam

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21 thoughts on “The Prize Patrol Surprises Big Winners on The Price Is Right”

  1. ANDRE JEAN-pierre says:

    pch come down in new jersey I neede itIam looking for it GOD IS GOODE PCH IS GOODE TO IHAVE BEEN ACONTESTANT IN PRICE IS RIGHT TWQ TIMES 1979 AND1983 inever come in down IHOPE PCH WILL COMEDOWN INMY WAY IN NEW JERSEY BRAVO

  2. Jorge Ramirez says:

    wow what a lucky shot at it:]

  3. Mary M.Balsamo says:

    I am really looking forward to this I m so blessed I’m trying to digest it all, I thank PCH for this opportuunity !

    See you soon, Mary

  4. i would love to win a big check for christmas so i can buy a computer to practice on for school. and do all sorts of stuff. thanks lucy,

  5. Roma Sue Noffsinger says:

    Congrate the winner’s..To bad I do not have that kind of money to go on games show’s..Or the time..But I would just Love to Win Publisher Clearing House..

  6. Maureen Sousa says:

    I know I may sound DUMB !! but just had to comment…

    I just watched the Friday episode of The Price is Right…

    I know that this was all filmed on one day, but question is…

    How did you guys get Stephen’s name on that big check so fast… as you did not know who was going to win the showcase until the end????

    I know there is a logical answer but it just amazed me how his name was there so quickly…

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Maureen,

      The letters were stickers, and they made one with both names while the two gentlemen were playing so that the Prize Patrol would be ready to surprise the winner.

      Victoria At PCH

  7. Miss.Dadielle
    How are you after all the eximent in the Show.I feel at the moment when the winner is going to take the check I say boy I hope no one picks up Mr. Dave .The $20 Thousand winner almost grab him I still see that scene.Mr Tood really got shook up .Please tell Mr. Dave Sayer to be careful .I wanted to ask have you see Mr. Bob Barker Lately.I was wondering if hwe ia ok. He safe an elephany sense that time we have not heard from him,.I wanted to know how he felt about your visiting the Show.Bless you all.MCH 4-12-2012

  8. Mrs. A.T. says:

    PCH, I watched the Price is Right Monday when Summer won (Congrats) and Tuesday when Eric didn’t, but for some reason Wednesday and Thursday has been really busy and I haven’t been able to catch it. You know when you need to be someplace and all the drivers seem to be going super slow! I wanted to watch it, but alas… Hope to catch it tommorrow, maybe a slow day for me!

  9. Georgina Turner says:

    Danielle Lam, I have always love “The Price Is Right” game show. I have been watching the PCH Prize Patrol on “The Price Is Right” so far all week. What a lot of fun and excitement. I have tried the PCH game Monkey Gems and the game is so fun to play, I hope to win big, Thank you PCH for all the great fun and games. It was so cool! Summer that you made that last “PLINKO” chip in, I want to congratulate you on your winnings way to go. Todd if you come to my house, I will try to keep my excitement somewhat under control LOL.  I can’t wait for my big PCH winning day; I would love to meet the PCH Prize Patrol. I have the faith that someday I will have a PCH winning moment. God Bless PCH. <3

  10. Joseph Ralph says:

    honestly, i am watching back and forth between the view and the price is right which i love! i am still so happy 4 u all and recent winner, summer johnson, for a success

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