Giving is Always in Style at PCH!

With Spring in full bloom here at PCH everyone’s setting spring trends with warm weather wear and vibrant hues that really get attention – and why not?  We keep things fun with our websites like Search & Win, PCHLotto, PCHGames and of course, our Blog, so why wouldn’t we want to show off our fun loving fashion here at the office? We’re always in style at PCH!

All of this occurred to me just the other day when I saw my coworker Gerri G. in the hall in her chic high heels.  “Look at you in your hot heels!” I exclaimed, “they’re FABULOUS!”  They were red, tall and posh with a rock & roll look that’s such a far cry from my typical country casual style.  I was impressed – and so delighted by her new warm weather wear that I told her I would go out and get a pair of high fashion shoes of my own – if I thought I could ever walk in them!

What’s your shoe style – towering heels, sophisticated flats…or are you like me, living in your sandals and sneakers ’til it snows?  Leave a comment and let me know more about the spring trends you’ve been noticing around your town and please, tell me, what is the absolute must-have in your warm weather wear!

The very next day, Gerri G., who is always in style, came to my door wearing the same fabulous heels and a big smile.  “I know it’s not your birthday,” she said, “but I found something I think you’re going to really like and I just can’t wait to give it to you!”  With that she presented a gift unlike any other I had ever seen – a high heel shaped tape dispenser!  What a wonderful surprise!

I immediately thanked her, placed my new gift on my desk, and as I went back to work on our great PCH product offers, it occurred to me how so much of what we do here at PCH is about giving to others (and, of course, keeping up with spring trends).  From smiles and compliments in the hallways to our Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals and, of course, our Sweepstakes where no purchase is necessary to win, we strive every day to make others happy and that makes us happy — it’s a “win-win” for everyone!


Have a Sunny Day!

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

P.S. You know what else is always in style? WINNING! So put a little spring in your step and enter for the new $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize at!

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Georgina Turner said...

Laurel U. PCH Creative; I would say it looks like you all having lots of fun. I just love all shoes and most of all when I win a PCH Super Prize I think one of the fist things I would love to do is some shopping for a new wardrobe that would make me feel like a million bucks. Most the stores for clothing here is over 200 miles away, I would love to have a shopping spree someday. I will make all my entry and have the faith and hope to win, the warm weather wear here in Alaska would be to have a good pair of sneakers and sandals.<3 Have fun and a great day :)

Muliyani Made said...

Searching To get entry $3 Million for Dream Home on May 31st, I am Muliyani Made with initial MM Giveaway 1830 want to get this prize on May 31st. Thanks.

chanh le said...

i did respone and comfirm by email or mail when i recieved form pch office , but i still dont understand the rule to entry or search difference pch site for a day & time

DeLayne Perry said...

Hi Laurel… :) ?
You remind me of someone else… hmmm
Warm weather wear?? Nice comfy tennys.. I like pretty sandals.. Love high heels but my high heel days are over. (back problems) I still like a good pump (support for ankles) or nice flats…
Summer colors> I like yellow, peach, mauve, apricot.
Autumn, I like earth tones & autumn colors..
Well for cold weather I love leather boots that cover the calf.. and long warm scarfs.. ;D

“Around town” up here in Hesperia??? LOL… gotta laugh.. there is NO style up here. Everyone dresses like ‘simple Simons’ … It is definitely not a trendy or fashion town. If you dress up, you’re out of place.. hee hee … I learned that quick.
Living up here is “different…”
I like the height & clean air but miss greenery and sidewalks!!!

DeLayne Perry said...

Laurel… The pink scotch tape heel was very thoughtful but your picture has me PUZZLED!!!
Do you have a twin? hmmmm… the hair is parted different… It’s late

Muliyani Made said...

Thank you for this moment I am Muliyani Made with inital MM want Get $3 Million for Dream Home on May 31st. So good luck.

yeni morgan said...

nice shoes

michelle scheumeister said...

Gotta have style!!! I would love to have all the style i can get!!

Georgina Turner said...

Laurel U PCH Creative; sure looks like you all are having lots of fun I just love all shoes. I think warm weather wear here in Alaska for me would be the sandals and sneakers; I would also love to have a pair of heels for the days I get to play dress up and go out to a bigger city sounds like fun to me. I will make all my PCH entries and hope I win the legacy for my family of $5,000.00 a week for life that could buy a lot of shoes. Thank you good luck to all.:)

Kanika Loeung said...

First able, I’d like to say beautiful lady! And I love your red and shiny a high heel! Buy 1 get 1 free and giving one to surprise others that is a very great fun!
Its not just to surprise a Big Check, its just surprise a small gift that very nice and kindness too!

i wonder what happen to my dress... said...

seems to me i can only try to dream about nice clothing and shoes for myself.for mother’s day i tried to by a nice dress i saved up for and a matching colored shirt for my son to goe with the dress,i sent for the dress and it never came so i called the company and they told me that it did not goe through so reordered the dress and they told me another crazy story i asked questions,noone still does not want to answer me right and keep telling me that a check was sent back to me for the amount i sent in to get my order,i still have not heard anything.i missed my appointment to take pictures for mother’s day.i am still going to try to wait to see what they are going to do at the end of the month then i will call again.we’ll just color coordinate with our outfits later.wearing something new always makes you feel good but ,it feels better when have no worries of anyone messing up the orders and not lying that they got it.i wish i could anything i wanted without being bullyed out of my chances in things in my life.

Michaela said...

Hello Laurel U., PCH Creative

YES, YES, YES!!!! I love to be in style!!!! I love spring and summer fashions as well as the other seasons of the year! But I am like you; I live in my sandals and sneakers all year around. I finally got a part time job a now have some excuse to get stylish shoes. I love your friend Gerri G for giving you that fabulous tape dispenser! She seems like a wonderful co-worker!!!!

I just wanted to wish every one the best of luck entering in this new contest $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” it just sounds like fun to enter this contest!!!! I just wanted to thank all the people that work at PCH!!! I know it takes a lot of patients and hard work from all the people at PCH to put something like this contest together!!!! Good Job PCH and Good Luck to all that enter PCH!!!!

Mrs. A.T. said...

PCH, Hi! Tennis shoes and flip flops are my thing. My daughter did have a pair of flat sandals that I absolutely loved, but she took back with her! My shoe style went from leather high-heeled sandals to keeping my feet as close to the ground as possible. Then again, I am typing this with one ankle bandaged from who-knows-what, sprain or strain. All those years of Army boots changed what my feet want to wear.

Maria Celia Hernandez said...

I love your shoes ,They would be nice for the Winner to wear, Although I don’t know if she could wear those high heels .I would wear them if they were 4″ hight . Thank you for sharing.I see you have great taste.Have a good evening.Love those red or the pink with a long high neck have long sleaves or high neck and an open back none sleaves.Thank you again both .MCH

Lauralee Hensley said...

Around here I notice neighbors wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts and Tees when not going to work.
As far as shoes, I no longer wear heels. I’m more of a casual flats, thongs or hiking boots. I wear what is comfortable for the task at hand.

Joseph Ralph said...

i love some trending style of clothing especially from the 70s style to the new school style in the mix. i still in it to win it in style all the ways from atlanta ga. good luck everyone

billie mckee said...

omg i love them red shoes the lady on the right is wearing.

Gail Ellis-Duncan said...

Along with many other’s, I have tried over the years along with my Mom and loved the Knock Knock when we caught it on TV. My question is, how do you know to be home if you won? Do you get anything in writing? Do you get an email? Does the email say you won or stil the may and if? I ask because if my prayers are answered on this and I won, I would have to stop my tour immediately here in europe and jump on the plane with a big smile plastered on my face.

Miki H said...

Miki here and in hopes of seeing you on may 31 as many are :) I do have a question though, I always received emails from pch to enter into drawings but as of late it all stopped for no reason, I Made sure that I had publishers clearing house in my contact list, I checked my blocked mailing list for anything that may say PCH or have PCH attached to the email address in case I inadvertently blocked you in some way, I even manually went back to each site to enter in hopes the emails would start again with no prevail. Can you tell me what happened? How can I get your emails again? I even do not get my pchslots emails even though I have played the games and got diamonds for the next day play. The only email I still get is the lotto one and thats it. please help I do not like missing any chances
Your forever player Miki

sharonda mcneill said...

The cutiest thing ever were could you fine such a thing

wright at the top of the hill waiting...please do not drop me. said...

i love the pink hills in the lady hand,but me and hills don’t get along too well,even going up a hill is a task.i’m too clumsy for them and i’m afraid of heights.some people can walk in them like they don’t feel the pinch from the shoes.i give it too these, women you go girl!!!! if you can handle it up there that long in these type of shoes.i like being short i don’t have too far to fall.if i ever get a chance to own a pair of pretty hills i think i’d find a high hill coach and a couple of fine men to carry a mattress by my side if i do fall i fall down looking up at at a good scene,and get carried off with comfort cause i know an ankle might be broken and i ain’t walking on it. and i pray one of the men name is calgon so he can carry me away..