How To Spot Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Scams!

Hi blog readers! Have you ever received a message from someone who claims to work for PCH? Maybe the message notified you that you won a big prize. Maybe it told you that you needed to pay money to claim that prize. Unfortunately, these messages are Publishers Clearing House scams! They are not from the real Publishers Clearing House. We’ve done a lot here on the blog to try to alert you to these PCH scams, but we thought it might be helpful to provide you with some excerpts from actual scams that were sent by fraudsters illegally using the PCH name, in order to dupe you.

Before we get started, here are few important things to remember: You NEVER have to pay to claim a PCH prize. Winners of our larger prize award amounts are surprised in person by the Prize Patrol, NOT sent messages on Facebook or emails like this. Publishers Clearing House scams often have MANY spelling and grammatical errors. Try to read them out loud … you’ll see how nonsensical they sound. An official PCH message would not be written like that!

Let’s get started!

This message is not from PCH, it is a PCH SCAM! How can you tell?

For starters, none of the above or these contest details are legitimate. If you were to ask a PCH employee about a “Super Bucks Giveaway,” we would be quick to tell you it does not exist. Also, we are in no way associated with the U.S. Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission. AND if you were to use PCHSearch&Win to research that supposed government authority, you would find that it does not even exist in the U.S.

This message is not from PCH, it is a PCH SCAM! How can you tell?

Again, the grammar is off in many places. Just a few examples: “you are been advised,” and “your fund remitted to your account”. Plus, take a look at how the prize amount is written: “$1.200,000.00”. There’s a decimal instead of a comma after the “1”.

This message is not from PCH, it is a PCH SCAM! How can you tell?

They repeated the “this is part of our security protocol” sentence TWICE within the same paragraph! Also, PCH never asks you to keep quiet about your winnings. Quite the opposite! We’re always proudly posting pictures and videos of our winners! But the scammers want you to stay quiet so they can get your money without the authorities finding out.

This message is not from PCH, it is a PCH SCAM! How can you tell?

It’s easy! This message contains the BIGGEST red flag — it asks you to pay money to claim your prize. Remember: you NEVER have to pay or make any purchase to claim a prize from Publishers Clearing House. Also, if you ever hear/see the words “GREEN DOT MONEY PAK CARD” in a message from someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House, head for the hills! The scammers will take the account numbers from this card, cash the money you spent on it, and never award you the prize, because there never was a real prize — they are scammers.

There you have it folks. These are just a few ways you can spot PCH scams! As always, you should always verify the information in any winner notification you may receive before making any risky moves. And if you ever have any questions, let us know!

Stay safe everyone!

Laura Wolfe @ PCH

559 thoughts on “How To Spot Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Scams!”

  1. Becky Francis says:

    I just got scammed thru Instagram! They said I won the 3rd prize of $of 5000.00 a week for life! They wanted $183.25 to cover IMF stamp and delivery and check clearance by the US Government! THe number they used is 360-868-6360!

  2. Marlo Kunze says:

    I got a request this morning, to “friend” Danielle Lamm on Facebook. I did & soon I received a FB message. After some small talk, she stated that I had won $75,000 & a Mercedes. Before any requests for money, my daughter texted me that PCH does not “friend” or send personal texts. I checked out Danielle’s website & sure enough, I was in the middle of a scam. I confronted them, & all of a sudden the grammar was strange. I wish there were a way to catch these unethical people!

  3. Joseph Nsoah says:


  4. Mary Cutrera says:

    I just received a call from H PublishersClearing house and said I won $950,000 and a Mercedes and told me to call the prize director, Glen RodgersID# 5755 at 1-876-878-5107 for all details. He told me that because I did not respond to the prize notification message that I should go to the nearest Walmart to pay $350 which was a small part of the taxes owed on the Mercedes. Ifiguredthis was a scam!

  5. Mike Gilley says:

    Telephone call from David Johnson. Said he worked for PCH. Caller ID said he was in Jamica. said it was just an extension from NYC. Bad accent…hard to understand…both ways. He kept me on the line for almost an hour with many long numbers he wanted me to write down. Winnings was 2.8 million dollars plus a new car. (I got to pick the color) LOL Said the “white Van” would be at my house in 55 minutes. Even said I could get the money in cash. then asked questions about how many banks I used. Last straw was he wanted me to go to our local WalMart and take $300 in cash to pay the I R S their share of the taxes. He was going to talk me through who to give the cash to and they would give me the “Gold stamp or seal I would need when the White Van got to my house. It was well into the 45 minute call before he said anything about wanting cash. I cut him off and told him I wasn’t taking $300 to anybody! He kept at it and even transfered me to a woman with the same accent in Jamiaca. About an hour later he called again. That call was short.

  6. PlainJane says:

    I just received a letter with a “sample” check informing me that I am “the second prize winner in” PHC’s “annual summer giveaway sweepstakes.” To claim my $1,500.000.00 prize, I need to call Mr. Richard Banks at 1-800-616-8681 within 72 hours and give him my claim number.

    The letter came in a blank envelope with a real stamp, and the cancellation stamp has the name DV Daniels NH070 on it.

    While it would sure be nice to have won this tidy sum, the odds tell me that this is a scam, but I thought you would want to know.

  7. Virginia Reese says:

    Received a call from a David Washington at 1 876 591 0395 stating I won $985,000 and a Mercedes . I would have to pay $485 to get my prize right away I knew this was a scam thank you PCH for the warning that you give us for people like this.

    1. florence says:

      i just got scammed! and I am so disgusted!

  8. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

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    1. YB says:

      Bishh wehhhhh?!?

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