Rory Bellamy $1 Million PCH Winner – Worth the Wait!

Hi PCH fans! I’m Danielle Lam of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Elite Team – the one that awards those BIG checks to lucky PCH winners. The most commonly asked question I get from PCH fans is: “what happens if the winner isn’t home when the Prize Patrol arrives to award the prize?”  Well, this is exactly what happened to the Prize Patrol when we went to Cleveland, Ohio to award Rory Bellamy a BIG check for $1 Million on November 30th 2012!

The morning of award day couldn’t have run more smoothly. The Prize Patrol arrived at the florist location early to get the Prize Patrol balloons filled, purchase celebratory champagne and pick up the 2 dozen red roses. By the time we had all of the Prize Patrol icons ready to go, we had every local media TV station there to participate in the big surprise – how exciting! Right on time at 10:30 AM we left the florist to go surprise our winner, with a trail of local media following us.

On the way to Rory’s home I remember saying to Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane, “this is one of the smoothest running Prize Patrol’s I’ve ever done!”  Uh oh, did I jinx it? Soon after we realized that Rory was NOT home!!!  So, what does the Prize Patrol do next?

Plan B:  Knock on the neighbor’s doors for help.  Luckily, one of Rory’s neighbors was watching as the Prize Patrol van pulled up and offered to help.  The Prize Patrol soon learned that Rory was out for the day working (he’s a house painter) and wouldn’t be returning until 3:00 PM the earliest! Uh oh! What next?

Plan C:  Wait!  The Prize Patrol would never just leave, we will do everything in our power to surprise a PCH winner and give them the well known “winning moment” they deserve! So, we waited….and waited….and waited!

After waiting for 5 hours, we got a lead!  A family member of Rory’s lived across the street and arrived home at 3:30 PM! Luckily, she had his cell phone number and was able to contact him and tell him to come home ASAP because she needed him to see something that was going on with his house.  Without asking questions, he was on his way home – YAY!

After 6 hours of waiting, Rory finally arrived home…and boy was he worth the wait!  Rory exclaimed “Is this, is this what I think it is?  Is this really happening to me, I can’t believe this!”  We learned that Rory was laid off two years ago and is so excited to finally have the money to pay for health insurance and a trip to visit his brothers and sisters in Florida.  Rory got to share his exciting PCH winning moment with his family members and friends who came over to join in the celebration: his neighbors, his sister, his brother-in-law and his cousin who recently arrived home from serving in Afghanistan!

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about this amazing PCH winning moment and now see that the Prize Patrol does whatever it can to surprise our winners, even if they aren’t home when we first arrive!  Now would YOU like to be the next person in one of these PCH winning moment videos?  All you need to do is enter for your chance to win at!  Good luck everyone!!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

20 thoughts on “Rory Bellamy $1 Million PCH Winner – Worth the Wait!”

  1. Gean T says:

    What if I was out of state? I will be until the day after Christmas, still hope you
    will find me.


  2. jose aguilar jr says:

    This is amazing. GOD bless you, Rory!! I love to read these winner circle stories! I pray that one day my family and I are apart of the winners circle.

  3. Steve L. Guagliano says:

    I Really want to win the $1,000,000.00 on Oct. 9th. .I wish the Prize Patrol came to my home. With that BIG CHECK, Yes I really want $1 Million please please come to my home. Mr. G.

  4. Call me early in the morning – I promise to be home – and I’ll be dressed and my teeth will be brushed!

    The story about Rory is a great one – I’m delighted that he won – and not me!

  5. Judy Koeh says:

    I love to read these stories gave me hope

  6. Nicy Chevres says:

    I just want to make my family comfortable and happy. Make everything better, specially with my grandparents.

  7. dear sir, i want the prize patrol to come to my house and present me with the big check at $500,000 monthly at 40 years at 5x entries.also, the big check for howard hanna realty for $3 mill house or dream home too. plus lazee boy furniture too.thankyou thankyou, happy holiday and write soon with cashiers checks too. also, asking for $350,000game todens too. thanks, iris campbell

  8. Lola Malone says:

    Congratulations Rory Bellamy!!!!!!! The blessings that he gaves us after the storm……. Being laid off is hard to deal with I know first hand I got laid off last year from General Motors. I enjoy reading about others blessings an i know one day it will be me to. Thank you for sharing your story it warms my heart. :-)

  9. Michaela G. says:

    Hello Ms. Danielle,

    I just wanted to say Congratulations Rory Bellamy for being one of the 2012 PCH winners!!!

    I loved how you got Rory home and I can totally relate to his story, and it looked like you all had a great time and he was very surprised!!!

    Great story Ms. Danielle!!!

  10. randy everest says:

    how did you do it Rory?

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