5 Ways To Know If It’s A Publishers Clearing House Scam!

4_5_Spot A Publishers Clearing House Scam


Publishers Clearing House is the REAL deal― a legitimate sweepstakes company that has awarded more than $225 Million in Cash and Prizes so far! Unfortunately, sometimes criminals try to cash in on our good name and trick unsuspecting people like you with Publishers Clearing House Scams. While they may be convincing, here are 5 foolproof ways to know for sure if an offer is from the REAL PCH — or if it’s a Publishers Clearing House Scam.

1. If you’re required to wire or pay any amount of money in order to claim a prize, it’s a Publishers Clearing House Scam. PCH sweepstakes are ALWAYS FREE to enter, and there is never any fee associated with winning.

2. If you’re asked to load up a Green Dot MoneyPak  or other money transfer card, in exchange for claiming your prize, it’s a Publishers Clearing House Scam. Again, PCH will NEVER ask you to pay a cent to collect a prize.

3. If someone tries to contact you in advance regarding a prize delivery, it’s a Publishers Clearing House Scam! After all, that would ruin the surprise! For decades, our Prize Patrol has captured the elated reactions of surprised winners and used them in our nationally-televised commercials. You’ll know you’re a big PCH winner if you see the Prize Patrol at your front door holding a “Big Check” with your name on it!

4. If someone calls you on the telephone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House and says you have won, it’s a Publishers Clearing House Scam. Do NOT give them any personal information!  As stated above, the Prize Patrol awards all our Big Prizes in person and would never call you to update any personal information in our files.

5. If someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House tries to send you a friend request on Facebook, it’s a Publishers Clearing House Scam. Even if they are using the name and photo of a prominent PCH employee  ―do NOT believe them. Our PCH employees and official PCH Prize Patrol Fan pages will never private message you on Facebook.

So fans, keep these 5 tips in mind, and you’ll be protected against Publishers Clearing House Scams. And if you ever have any concerns about whether something is legitimate or a scam, please email us at abuse@pch.com, call us at 1-800-392-4109 or comment below!

And remember, you can’t WIN if you’re not IN! So, keep entering the PCH Sweepstakes daily.

All the best!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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514 thoughts on “5 Ways To Know If It’s A Publishers Clearing House Scam!”

  1. Evette Naftaly says:

    This all send me letter is scam naver win I throw all the letter I don’t belive that win they want me to send money order that is fake scam this better free pch bullltein surprise for me and free game skill good write I hope u understand to me that OK tjank I the god bless for pch and emile

  2. Jesus Macias says:

    be careful there’s a lot of scams happening. remember at prize patrol PCH to you don’t have to pay to win prize.

  3. Joyce Arendt says:

    Got a call from JAMAICA this morning on my CELL PHONE, saying I had won $973,000 and a new car. asked if I received mail confirmation I won, and when I said no, was given a number to call and ask for Agent Malone. Of course I did not call that number, but called Illinois Attorney General’s office to report it. Would like for it to have been true, but being the cautious person I am… (how did they get my cell number?) and the fact I’ve never won anything…red flags were flying high.

  4. PCH is not a scam if you win they will come to your home with a check . They will not ask you for money to give you a prize. Brenda Carlton

    1. Duane wade says:

      pch is a scam,i found people that have the very same numbers that i do.I have been playing pch for months,have well over a million tokens that i have redeemed,have as yet, to win a dollar. today i searched as i do many times a day. and there it was. 3577 won one million dollors, also3080 and4900 also won. which were my numbers, but someone else had the very same numbers.Whats up with that? I copied the numbers and the page, which i will unmask PCH as a fraud as I allways knew.

  5. Please be carful everyone . There are people out there trying to take our money. If you win any thing you do not nap have. To pay anything .

  6. Rick Beck says:

    I received a letter with no return address. When I opened it, it had a PCH Letterhead saying I won $2,500,000.00 and there was a $6,450.00 check in it. It said call a claim manager and she isnt tucked me to deposit the check but don’t let any third parties know about it ” to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the claim”. It was a dream come true. I called pch to verify and it was a scam. I want it to be true so bad………….

  7. nina dean says:

    I kept answering the mailings and playing their silly games. I ordered two items. They said I had a winning number. The deadline date of the contest was August 28th. I never herd anything and now they send me more envelopes and order forms for merchandize with a new cut off date to win. I am now throwing all mailings in the trash. They also keep emailing my husband to join the contest, but I found out all they want is for us to order merchandise , although they always say you don’t have to order to win. I responded to more than several of their merchandise mailings but did not order. I am not going to play their silly games any more. I also was sent a mailing about prizes of merchandise at a discount. I did not respond. I am not about to send money. Is this a scam?

  8. Charis Dietz says:

    My mother was called on her CELL PHONE this afternoon, and the caller, claiming to be PCH, committed #2, 3, 4. Thank you for this article; it brought clarity the situation, which was obviously a scam.

  9. carlamantee says:

    I was told I won then they said the would come. They never showed up. Diffrent people called me its been since june.

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