Those Lucky Dogs Who Win At PCH

Like millions of other Americans, the PCH Prize Patrol loves dogs. Danielle can even look at the ugliest dog and say “Aww.  So cute.”  And for those of you who follow her on Facebook, you know that her lucky dogs are pictured on her PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page just as much as she is.

Lucky Dogs

So we are always happy to meet the lucky dogs whose masters and mistresses win Big Checks in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  And the dogs seem mighty happy to meet us too – probably because, come chow-time, there will be some extra treats coming their way.  Maybe some nice juicy steak instead of dry kibble.

(Cats – well, they are another story.  When we arrive they just yawn, leave the room and find another place to sleep.)

How disappointed we were to realize, after we moved on, that we didn’t get to meet the dogs who belong to our most recent Big Check recipients, Elise Gutierrez from Louisiana and Eric Schroeder from Texas.  We could hear the dogs barking but, alas, they were penned up and out of sight.  Maybe Elise and Eric remembered some advice we imparted years ago in a PCH national radio commercial. It went something like this:

Tie up the dog, Junior,” a mother in the 30-second radio-drama told her son.  “I don’t want him scaring the Prize Patrol away!”  The announcer then reminded listeners, “Once you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, you better be prepared to win!

I kind of doubt that Elise and Eric contained their dogs because they remembered that ad or were expecting the Prize Patrol to knock on the door.  Indeed, both winners were stunned, speechless and totally unprepared for our arrival.  Although they had entered our sweepstakes many times with lots of hope, they said they never really expected us to show up – with roses, balloons, champagne, cameras and – tah dah – a Big Check.  But they kept entering, and kept hoping, and — lo and behold — we arrived with the news You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

By the way, Elise and Eric are very happy with their $1 Million and $10,000 prizes – and so are their dogs.  But YOU could win even more: $1 Million A Year for Life on April 30th!

So – to echo the optimistic sentiment of that old radio commercial – “Enter! And be prepared to win!”

Wishing you the best of luck.

 Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. If the Prize Patrol were to surprise YOU as their newest winner, do you have any lucky dogs or pets that they would meet? Comment below and let us know!

81 thoughts on “Those Lucky Dogs Who Win At PCH”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    My mom has a dog named sassy. She’s really cute!

  2. Vicki Weaver says:

    Dave , You said it right ! EVERY thing you said sbout you is just they way I would like to be treated! ! My family and I treat our dogs the same after all they are unconditional love! I WOULD LOVE TO WIN! ! AND BE A LUCKY DOG !! TOO!!!

  3. Brian K. Duran says:

    I’m in it to win it just like everyone else!!!

  4. I wanna be that lucky dog pch prize patrol god bless

  5. Doretha J Wiley says:

    Not Me! When My Three Children were Tiny Tots, we use to have Dogs, but I only enjoyed them when they were real Little Pets, when they grew Older, tbey remained Pets to the Children, and A Pest to Me. So! Gone are those days. Now! My two Older sons, and Daughter don’t have Pets any lo ger. Gone are those days. I was Happy, because, they were being to slack, playing Sports, and. I was “Happy”. Lol

  6. I have 3small dogs waiting for th as that van to drive up

  7. I hope I win this june 30

  8. add your comment here

  9. We have a long haired chihuahua named KOKO.. Which means blood in Hawaiian. He is super smart. The whole family loves him to death.. He is a little ham and brings joy to the whole family.

  10. crystal watches pch tear-jerker! says:

    Super Week All! {high-5}

    Dave you really know how to tell it to us don’t cha? lol … “Enter, and be prepared to win.” now ya see those words … you leave up speechless Dave. there is no comeback for words so final like those. you silence us! lol… I guess all any of us here can say is, “Dave has SPOKEN.” guess we best not be caught with our pants down huh? rofl … put yo pee on HOLD if there’s a knock at the door folks! {laughing so hard gut hurts}

    I know Dave that’s not what you mean, but love the saying just the same. {smiling}

    yes we have a dog but she barks mostly at anyone including if she hears the mailbox open and close. lol … white miniature poodle with a chicken’s heart, but she uses her bark for threat only. wouldn’t hurt a fly. I’ve seen her push slow walking flies along the floor with her nose. silly dog! hahaha when I swat them, and can’t find them, she gives their location away by pushing them along with her nose as if to try and help them get away. rofl … awwww

    If I won, I’d have to hold her, but then she’d bark constantly. I could let you all meet her barkin-self … then place her in a separate room so we can hear each other talking. lol … sorry bout that, but she really is a sweet hart.

    alright Dave another great blog enjoyed.

    many thanks to our pch founders, pch elite, our pch winner’s circle, pch fans/fam, and the entire house of pch.

    May all your blessings find you and your luck dog PREPARED.

    Love ya! Mawh!

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