How To Report Publishers Clearing House Scams on Facebook

Hi blog readers,

As you know, sadly there are Publishers Clearing House scammers on Facebook who pretend to be the PCH Prize Patrol in order to fool people. We want to help our fans avoid these Publishers Clearing House scams every way we can.

Remember, the PCH Prize Patrol DOES NOT send out friend requests to our fans on Facebook. So if you do receive a friend request, chat request or private message claiming to be someone from the Prize Patrol, they are NOT who they claim to be!

A lot of you have been asking how to report these scams, so I put together this step-by-step guide to show you exactly what to do in case you happen to come across one.

STEP #1: On the fraudulent page, click the “gear” looking image and select “report/block”.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

STEP #2: Select “Submit a Report” and “Report Account”. Click Confirm.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 2

STEP #3: Select “This person is impersonating someone” and “A Celebrity”. Then type the name of the person being impersonated and select the page. Click continue.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 3

STEP #4: FINAL STEP: Select “Block” and “Sumbit a Report”. Click the continue button to complete.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 4

So fans, if YOU happen to come across Publishers Clearing House scams like these, please follow these steps and report the scam to Facebook.

And as always, comment below or on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Page on Facebook if you have ANY questions. We’ll be happy to help stop these Publishers Clearing House scams in any way we can.

Stay safe everyone!

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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232 thoughts on “How To Report Publishers Clearing House Scams on Facebook”

  1. LaTarsha White says:

    Two Danielle Lam contacted me today. Through Facebook friend request. Saying I won. Even went to extreme of posting a PCH employee badge of Danielle. It had her picture on it as well as signature. She was asking for my full name an address.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      That was not the real Danielle who contacted you in either case. PCH does not contact winners via social media, whether it be through private message or friend request. Please report the fake account to us here: Check out this blog article for info on how you can stop scammers from contacting you on Facebook: Stay safe everyone and be careful of scammers pretending to be the REAL Prize Patrol!

  2. Shirley Smith says:

    Good Morning, I would like to report a scam. My husband was recently notified on his personal email that he has become the Super prize winner of PCH.
    The scammer was requesting that my husband pay a large sum of money.
    My husband has never entered into PCH sweepstakes but some how the scammer knew that the my email and his email address were associated The email was signed by Todd Sloan..

  3. elizabeth II says:

    can i please be your winner im so so excited for this to begin moving to great new beginnengs god bless all the world and thank god for what is

  4. had the same thing happen today to myself Danielle friended me on FB and told me I won 5000.00+ and I needed to send 150.00 to a persona in west Chicago thru western Union I did not and kept her /him on phone thru text messages till I arrived at police station of there was nothing they could do but took picture of the badge and sent it to the person on other end saying I did not want to continue with it because one should NOT have to pay when they win until it is given to the winner then it is their responsibility to pay the taxes then not before hand. Needless to say I did not hear from that person any more.

  5. i had someone who i thought was a legit account on instagram start following me they were even posting on instagram pictures about the PCH prizes…one picture showed the $10,000 a week for life contest and it said if you would like to increase you odds of winning private message me which i did and was told all kinds of things and then was told because i had been a customer for over 10 yrs that i would get a prize and of course i was instantly curious so i asked what it could be the name on instagram that they are using is” pchprizepatroldanille”anyways i asked and she said it was complicated i asked how complicated and she said i would have to pay shipping and handling for the prize so of course i played into that one and asked what the prize was she said 1 million dollars and proceeded to tell me i would have to pay to a delivery company that would accompany the prize patrol to my house a fee of $399.00 and i could pay it through walmart money gram or western union..i told her if i had to pay $399 for 1 million dollar prize that i figured i could pay that when they arrived at my house..she said if i didnt want to confirm my prize she would offer it to someone else and of course i said i would report them to PCH and now they are no longer following me on instagram

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      That was definitely not the real PCH and we are happy that you didn’t actually send them any money. PCH does not notify our major prize winners via social media and we never ask for money to claim a prize. If you are ever contacted by a scammer who is claiming to be from PCH, please report it to us here: I also encourage all of our fans to review these Safety Tips for some helpful information on keeping themselves protected from becoming the victim of a scam: Stay safe and be careful everyone!!

  6. laurie Walker says:

    Up to 16 friends I’m just going to follow the directions in this blog

    1. laurie Walker says:

      Oopps well someone pretending to be Danielle she is still on my friends list if ur fast before she gets blocked u can contact her “friends”

    2. laurie Walker says:

      Her last message to me….
      What is your phone number also your address you don’t need or want to make any mistakes

  7. laurie Walker says:

    Someone claiming to be Danialle is trying to friend me and she already has 14 friends please reply ASAP there is no option to report it to you

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