How To Report Publishers Clearing House Scams on Facebook

Hi blog readers,

As you know, sadly there are Publishers Clearing House scammers on Facebook who pretend to be the PCH Prize Patrol in order to fool people. We want to help our fans avoid these Publishers Clearing House scams every way we can.

Remember, the PCH Prize Patrol DOES NOT send out friend requests to our fans on Facebook. So if you do receive a friend request, chat request or private message claiming to be someone from the Prize Patrol, they are NOT who they claim to be!

A lot of you have been asking how to report these scams, so I put together this step-by-step guide to show you exactly what to do in case you happen to come across one.

STEP #1: On the fraudulent page, click the “gear” looking image and select “report/block”.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 1

STEP #2: Select “Submit a Report” and “Report Account”. Click Confirm.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 2

STEP #3: Select “This person is impersonating someone” and “A Celebrity”. Then type the name of the person being impersonated and select the page. Click continue.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 3

STEP #4: FINAL STEP: Select “Block” and “Sumbit a Report”. Click the continue button to complete.

How to report a Publishers Clearing House Scam Step 4

So fans, if YOU happen to come across Publishers Clearing House scams like these, please follow these steps and report the scam to Facebook.

And as always, comment below or on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Page on Facebook if you have ANY questions. We’ll be happy to help stop these Publishers Clearing House scams in any way we can.

Stay safe everyone!

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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162 thoughts on “How To Report Publishers Clearing House Scams on Facebook”

  1. salah eldin says:

    i just had a friend request at facebook from danielle lam .. and she or he told me that its my lucky day and that i won 5000 a week and a 1000000$ prize . and started asking for my personal info : address , cell phone # to print it on my receiver form p 14 . ,,, so I started to ask questions , whhy you need my cell phone number ..then they went offline from face book and blocked me so that i cant see their info on facebook . the funniest thing was that they told me they are on there way to my house . and then started to ask about my info … this is ridiculous ……

  2. i been getting texts from dave sayer ,, he said thats his name ,,, wants me to get a loan for 200.00 from my bank ,,, ask me what my bank name but i didn,t give it to him ,,,, can you please tell me if this true or scam ….

  3. debbie zorn says:

    Contacted me and told me to call a number and talk to mr monroe. He said he woyld stay on phone while I went to walgreens to get card.

  4. ok i was stupid because before i gave info out it sounded lagit now im getting messages on phone like crazy does that mean ive been phone hacked nothing showing up facebook anyone else having that issue

  5. ok i tried to report and it wont let me dave sayer is the one i got

  6. Teresa Meyer says:

    I have screen shots of my DM conversation with someone acting as Danielle. Followed me than asked if I ever won, how long been PCH liyal, then sent pic of her and a map of town I live and said on their way to give me 1 million $. Then I get a text, this person asked for the code, I refused, it was a FACEBOOK configuration code. Closes I’ve ever been to being a “Fake Millionaire” I have all the info etc if you need it.

  7. Lily Skinner says:

    Thanks!!!! :)

  8. Yes happen to me twise he kinda thrarten me when I said you are not pch ..made them mad wants me to buy CCC card really I said if onwen stores we use to send our new stock notes after stretcher counters ns some would go him your a scam that no such thing pch does not ask you for a dime call me on phone put daneilla on right it was a man I said angel he said nothing hey I said your not them I watch them all time I know there voice not at all shame on you I have heart trouble I don’t need this your caught today it happen again uusing danell picture st first I thought him your not pch why are you doing this give me your friend list what whast no I reported them face book store this thank god I vdream but I don’t need to be scared of creapes .be careful they scape tough. ITE over I’m sad about it be care full there TeX Davey your made before you know what happen..

  9. arthur Salazar says:

    Happened to me few minutes ago. He’s name.was Todd want me to buy a card. At walgreens .for 299.99 he block me pretty fast. No money from me just my name.

    1. Molly Meador says:

      Yeah he Currently is private messaging me to see of I have purchase the green dot card before arriving with camera crew. ..mhhmmm

  10. Hi Danielle are u real,or a friend. Requested me on fb and it says on google it’s a scam.but your doing everything above for a scammer saying I won but on here it says those people are scammers so are you one of them.then when I started digging in more info she blocked me so now I know it’s a scam I’m glad my sister helped me out and I didn’t fall for it.

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