How Did Prize Patrol Clues & Hints Get Started?

Hi everyone, its Danielle Lam from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol! If you are a fan of mine on Facebook, you most likely already know about the fun hints and Prize Patrol clues I host on my page before every prize award. If not, you’re missing out on a lot of fun! Actually, since the June 30th SuperPrize award is just a few days away, hints and clues are starting soon!  Be sure to check it out and follow along for the fun!

Some of you may be wondering how we came up with the idea of doing these clues! Well, when I first started my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page a few years ago, I always had PCH fans asking me about what it’s like to travel the country and deliver the Big Checks. Fans also loved hearing the latest and greatest news about where the Prize Patrol was headed. So I decided it would be fun to play a game and give fans clues about where the Prize Patrol is traveling on prize days – a fun spin on one of my favorite game shows as a kid “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego!” Now fans get SO excited for the hints and clues that we do it for every major award!

The idea was such a hit that we decided to use similar fun trivia questions for a brand new upcoming game on our PCH Fan Page. It’s called PCH Prize Pursuit, and if you’re a PCH fan, you’re going to LOVE this game. Fans will have the opportunity to answer fun trivia questions about different regions of the country, enter the Sweepstakes AND even have a chance to win instant prizes! Yup, that’s right, and did I mention that instant winners are going to be GUARANTEED daily? It’s SO much fun…I can’t wait for the game to start so you can all have a chance to play and even have a chance to win instant prizes!

Here’s a sneak peek of what PCH Prize Pursuit will look like!

Prize Pursuit Sneak Peak

So make sure to keep an eye out on the PCH Fan Page for the exciting new game PCH Prize Pursuit.  It’ll be launching on Monday, July 1st! To get you all in the mood for the new game…let’s try out a few fun trivia questions here on the PCH blog.  Once you figure out the answers, let us know in the comments below.  Ready….here it is!

Question #1:   Prize Pursuit East Coast

Question #2:   Prize Pursuit West Coast

Here’s a tip: You can use PCHSearch&Win to help you find the answer…AND enter the big PCH sweepstakes when you search!  That’s what I call a win-win situation!

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S. Comment below if you’re getting excited for the big award this weekend!!

252 thoughts on “How Did Prize Patrol Clues & Hints Get Started?”

  1. Gerald conley says:

    The ghost show up..dream.ill win…..

  2. says:

    in it to win it is where I’m at

  3. PCH I’m hoping and praying my family wins!!! I’ve tried really hard keeping my entries submitted repeatedly so that my family would have a greater chance at winning but I’m also excited to see whoever the forever prize winner is being blessed with this life changing opportunity!!! 👼 It would be a great blessing for my two baby boys and I , so I can get us a home that’s ours and be able to afford things that we have done without a many of times and I would love to be able to help my community!!! In today’s time there are alot of people struggling and hurting just like me.and alot of others also. Thank you all at PCH for making this opportunity of a lifetime a blessing to all in need. Sabrina Campbell claiming super prize and forever prize numbers a match for the selected winning number!!!! 🙏 💸 ✔ 🎈🎈💐💐🍷🍷

  4. Dennis Russell says:

    Love to win so that I can share the wealth with people who really need help and support.

  5. Barb says:

    Single mom and hurting bad. Really could use the money but good luck to whomever does win.

  6. CONNIE BELIN says:

    can you guys come to altoona pa 16606 i want to win

  7. Michele Macheras says:

    Game on!

  8. Chasidy says:

    Can’t wait! Charlotte, NC has my vote 😉

    1. Chasidy says:

      Answers to the questions: 1. What is the only state that does NOT have a National Parks Service?
      Answer: Delaware
      Question. 2. Which mountain range is in the state of Colorado?
      Answer: The Rocky Mountains!!

  9. Christina Cooperwood says:

    Really hoping pch comes to Cleveland it would be a grate year for Cleveland Ohio go caves

  10. jon smyers says:

    Pick me I need it good luck everyone

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