Special “Shout-Out” For PCH Blog Readers!

Shout Out

Hey everyone!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…one of my favorite parts of working at Publishers Clearing House is writing PCH blogs for you, the fans! And the thing that brings me (and all us blog writers) the MOST joy is reading all of your comments! You guys are AMAZING, and we’re always talking about how nice, supportive and FUN you are! Thanks for bringing smiles to our faces every day!

We love EVERYONE who comments on our blogs, but today we wanted to say THANKS to a special few with a fun shout out!

Are you ready? Here we go!

Leticia B. — Thank you SO much for always being one of the first to comment on our blogs! We love seeing your comments bright and early in the morning, and we know your enthusiasm encourages others to comment, too! Thanks for all your support, Leticia! Keep those comments coming!

Michaela G. — You are always thanking us, and it’s time we thank YOU! Seeing your kind and caring support always makes us feel really good about what we do. You rock!

Kanika L. — Your comments are SO sweet and thoughtful! You always mention how you never stop entering, and we love that! Never give up, Kanika!

Mrs. A.T. — Every time we ask our readers to tell us about their lives, you are always so nice to tell us about yours! I loved reading about how you like to beat the summer heat! Sweet tea is one of my favorites, too! Thanks for all the support, Mrs. A.T.

David F. — I’m so glad you enjoy PCHGames! I loved hearing about your passion for all things puzzles. It is always so nice to see your wish for us to have a good day! It’s the little things that help the most! Thanks for commenting, and keep it up!

Nettie J. — It is so sweet that you refer to yourself as our #1 Super Fan! Thanks for always letting us know that you like what we do! We really appreciate your support and want you to know that we’re YOUR Super Fan!

Joye H. — We LOVE seeing your smiley faces in your comments. Happiness is a great feeling, and you’re always spreading it! Thanks for bringing some joy to our day!

These are just a few PCH Blog fans who have shown their support by commenting. But really, we’re thankful for EACH and EVERY one of you! Tell us if you liked this special “shout-out,” and we’ll be sure to do another one…maybe featuring YOU next! We always LOVE seeing your comments, so please KEEP THEM COMING!

Happy Commenting!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

61 thoughts on “Special “Shout-Out” For PCH Blog Readers!”

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