The $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize Winner Michael Miller Is Set For Life!

Michael Miller, Publishers Clearing House’s newest $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize winner, is SET FOR LIFE!

Completely shocked.


That’s the best way to explain Michael Miller’s reaction when the Prize Patrol surprised him in Moro, Illinois with a Big Check for $5,000 A Week “Forever” last week.

I mean he was practically speechless! Over cries of delight from his mother and shrieks of excitement from his sister, 26-year old Michael stood motionless with his jaw dropped open. Watch the winning moment for yourself now…

Some people were surprised by Michael’s quiet excitement…but let’s not forget, the real surprise (and a very big one, I might add) was the Prize Patrol showing up at his doorstep, completely unannounced, telling him that he’d won $5,000 every single week for the rest of his life! (Plus, after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone he chooses!)

Now remember everyone, Publishers Clearing House NEVER lets its winners know we are coming in advance…so the reactions you see are purely genuine. I have to say…if the Prize Patrol rolled up to MY door with a surprise like that, I’d have trouble finding my words too! How about you…how would you react?


As someone who saw it all firsthand, I can tell you that the winning moment was absolutely wonderful. I was lucky enough to join Todd Sloane, Dave Sayer and Laura Wolfe on the road, and it was a trip I will never forget. Seeing the reactions of Michael’s family members was truly heartwarming. His mother, sisters, cousins and neighbors could not have been more proud, and they all gathered around him to show their support.

As for Michael, at first all he could say was “I’m very surprised.” But once he got over the initial shock, he was jumping up and down and exclaiming “I’m set for life”. When asked what he looked forward to most, Michael said buying a new car and helping his family.


Michael is our second-ever “Forever” prize winner, and our youngest-ever SuperPrize winner. You can read more about his touching winning moment from FOX News.

Want to get the surprise of YOUR life and a visit from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol? Then remember one thing: enter every single chance you get! You too, could become “set for life” like Michael!

Fingers crossed for all of you,

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative



274 thoughts on “The $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize Winner Michael Miller Is Set For Life!”

  1. Yes I want $7,000,00 a week for life and $50,000,00 for home improvement gwy 4900 &4650 October 23rd

  2. akiko geirge says:

    Wow. Pleas l need it for my family so plesa

  3. Kelly Cypret says:

    Im a single mom too and played thier games and sent everything in would be nice to win the money could really use it have they chosen thier winner for SC yet ?

  4. Annette rhett says:

    Hi, they keep sending me emails about they are picking someone definitely in the Savannah ga area where I live and could be the next big winner for the August 2015 winner.Which I never heard of no one who has win for this year I played there games did searches and everything thinking I really am going to win big this year now I realize that all a big lie when I got an email about a 7,000 win for October win I don’t think no one will win I really could use this money I’m a single mom of one child just had back surgery that left me disabled can’t walk, no job about to lose my home cause I can’t work waiting on disibilty which I don’t know how long this may take before I get approved and I’m left with nothing I’m going to be homeless in in list than a week from today.

  5. bill says:

    They claimed a winner would be selected on N.B.C or C.B.S. news on August31st 2015. Well that has not happened and it’s Sept. 7th

  6. julie crouch says:

    Google said same thing 2013, notice on top of video it says 2013 right there michael miller….no one has won the 2015 yet folks…thats a 2013 video it says so right there…but it has seemed to disappear and now everyone is being rolled into the 7,000$ a week.. I have not seen nor heard a word on tv, or any social media about any winner for the forever prize this year.I do not know what is going on, I started paying since 2014 for$ 5000,000 a week forever prize, then came$700,000 a week for life….I personally feel that I have made pch enough money with advertisements everywhere…I completely understand not everyone can win, but in the same token I understand everyone who is playing is making pch tons of money…sweet little set up…lots of other sweep stakes out there where they do give a lot of people money, just on a smaller scale b/c they are just getting started I am done making pch money, and will play the other ones, odds are better, less time invested, and a lot more winners. I do not like the fact I played since 2014, although their records show 2013, they keep thanking me…I know why now……the ad people I nick named them pay a lot….I bring the advertisers in by my searches they pay pch a lot….i’m done good luck everyone…i am finished w time consuming, pch money making for them …games. Carry on , once again good luck everyone, if it makes you happy and hopeful, no harm done…i frankly am past burnt out on the whole thing…and continuously asking me to order which I did a jade elephant they claimed 4 easy payments…a bill came before the elephant, in full, and where it had been heat treated, had a burnt spot on it…I will no longer participate in this, I admit they got a good gig going on, and a very neat set up, ….I cannot imagine the million upon millions they made on the advertisements, commercials, and selling products just by me let alone the ret out there…….peace out.

    1. Milton Watkins says:

      You know Julie crouch I googled Michael Miller from Moro Illinois and I got same thing that he won in 2013!!! Highly disappointed in pct I believe I’m done now also they straight up lied!!!

  7. Please pick me we really need this I’m single mom two small children lost my job. Please come to dayton ohio make our dreams come true. God bless

  8. Gina says:

    Google said he won on August 29 2013??????

  9. mary hasan says:


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