Game Time with Danielle Lam from the Prize Patrol!

Hi everyone, it’s Danielle Lam with the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. Giving away money is a serious job. Once we find out a winner (only a few days before the award date), the PCH Prize Patrol needs to make travel arrangements, travel the country, and find our winners – PHEW that’s a lot of work! But even though it’s hard work being on the Prize Patrol, it’s also FUN!

Today, I wanted to bring some FUN to YOU. I LOVE playing little games on the computer, so I hope you do too. Since we all love the PCH Sweepstakes, of course I wanted to include the PCH Prize Patrol in the game. So here we go – look at the two pictures below. Can you find at least 3 differences between A and B?  Comment below and describe ALL of the differences YOU see as fast as you can! Ready, set, GO!

Find The Differences

Did you find all the differences? Comment below and let us know! We’ll post the answers in tomorrow’s blog!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite


PS: Tell me if you like this idea for the PCH Blog…if you do, I’ll do something like this for you all again :)

111 thoughts on “Game Time with Danielle Lam from the Prize Patrol!”

  1. NORA says:


  2. Jim Harris says:

    I see 3 – 4 differences:

    1 – orange balloon over your head in A
    2 – different ties on man in A and B
    3 – jacket on man in B has no ‘badge’ / ‘sticker’
    4 – ??? – It is probably the SAME shirt in both, but looks just a BIT brighter in A than B…probably just the camera / lighting at time of pic

  3. Diana Hardin says:

    Diana Hardin The different is no Orange ball in A, not in B

    1. Diana Hardin says:

      I meant orange in A

  4. Diana Hardin says:

    Diana Hardin look forward to meeting Danielle Lam at 1510 journey Dr

  5. Teresa says:

    P.S I like PCH Blogging.

  6. Teresa says:

    Hi Danielle how are you doing? I am trying to keep believing. And I’m still trying I wish I could go horse back riding but our horse Rosie still isn’t broke to ride. And besides that I do not have any place to ride her at. I haven’t asked the neighbors cause I thought they would say no. And there’s to many neighbor hood dogs running lose in the area where we live. I would like to buy more land so we could rotate our horse but we do not have the money and we already have to many Loan’s as it is. And it would take at least over $300 Thousand Dollars to even buy the land that is next door to our home and plus the 145 Acre Farm I found online. This Farm has 1 Barn and 2 ponds I really think this would be a great place to go riding I wouldn’t have to worry about the neighbors dogs or traffic. I really want to win. I want to buy our parents a new mattress, cause some times our father would fall out of bed and our mom has trouble getting in and out of bed they really need a Tempurpedic adjustable bed. And our mom is still in a wheel chair she is paralyzed in her right side and is a little depressed cause she can not get out side with out help our mom is very independent and is not used to being helped. I want to have a screened in front porch with and ramp and a place where our mom can have a raised garden bed for flowers and vegetables too. Our home is need of repairs and a foundation we’ve been living here in EastBernstadt, Kentucky for 11 Years and we haven’t even a enough money to even paint the home. And now the windows are pilling between the double pain glass and the carpet is in need of replacing too. The counter tops are coming unglued. I really, really want to win! And as for the Pictures A & B Dave’s tie is different and Dave doesn’t have a name tag in picture B he’s got a name tag in picture A. And there’s a orange balloon behind you Danielle in picture A and there’s not a orange balloon in picture B. LOL I think I found all three Item’s.

  7. Joshua Staton says:

    That “dreams really come true!”. That’s what I would say.

  8. Joshua Staton says:

    One interesting fact about myself is that I am a Good Samaritan!

  9. shonda says:

    Cute picture. Really would be cute to ride up to someones home like that. It would get alot of attention.

  10. Joshua Staton says:

    One word to describe how I would react if I won with PCH is “AMAZED”!

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