Game Time with Danielle Lam from the Prize Patrol!

Hi everyone, it’s Danielle Lam with the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. Giving away money is a serious job. Once we find out a winner (only a few days before the award date), the PCH Prize Patrol needs to make travel arrangements, travel the country, and find our winners – PHEW that’s a lot of work! But even though it’s hard work being on the Prize Patrol, it’s also FUN!

Today, I wanted to bring some FUN to YOU. I LOVE playing little games on the computer, so I hope you do too. Since we all love the PCH Sweepstakes, of course I wanted to include the PCH Prize Patrol in the game. So here we go – look at the two pictures below. Can you find at least 3 differences between A and B?  Comment below and describe ALL of the differences YOU see as fast as you can! Ready, set, GO!

Find The Differences

Did you find all the differences? Comment below and let us know! We’ll post the answers in tomorrow’s blog!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite


PS: Tell me if you like this idea for the PCH Blog…if you do, I’ll do something like this for you all again :)

96 thoughts on “Game Time with Danielle Lam from the Prize Patrol!”

  1. You have an orange balloon behind your head and he has no sticker and different ties!

  2. Judy says:

    Does this that happened tonite mean there is no prize on APRIL 30th.?

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    I like to play games to

  4. christopher h wagner says:

    Danielle is my dream women <3 i like this game i wish she would play these type of games on her fb page ? ..also todds tie and name tag and the first ballon was diff …

  5. Polly Baker says:

    Orange balloon, name tag on the mans jacket and the mans tie is different

  6. terry says:

    I been checking the “dad and daughter”looking picture out….I see orange balloon missing,Danielle’s hair is flat on top,balloon weights are missing,tie colors are different and daddy Dave is also missing PCH patch.Now for Miss Danielle (the daughter looking character)the button on sleeves,button on tummy,I think Danielle just needs learn how to sew, lol

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