Discover Our Top 5 Sweepstakes Tips For Beginners!

Want your shot at winning big, but you’re not sure how to begin? Good news! You’re at the right place to get all the Publishers Clearing House sweeps scoop! After all, Publishers Clearing House is the most exciting sweepstakes company around! And here at the PCH blog we’ve got lots of exciting tips and hints to share.  Read on to discover our Top 5 Sweepstakes Tips For Beginners!

Tip #1 “Sign In” at PCH! Just sign in and register an account at one of the following sites:, PCHlotto, or PCHgames, PCHslots, and you’ll be able to use the same username and password to easily access winning opportunities at all of them — every day! (And by the end of the month, this list will include PCHSearch&Win, too!) When you register, make sure you provide all your information carefully. After all, if you win big at PCH, you want the Prize Patrol to be able to find you!

Sweepstakes tips for beginners

Tip #2 Have a “Winning” plan!  Here’s a list of all the places you can get entries for our Millionaire-making PCH SuperPrize! Figure out which sites you’d like to visit each day (although I suggest all of them) and carve out some time each day to claim your entries, whether it be with your morning coffee or a mid-day “sweeps break.” Plus, don’t forget to visit PCHlotto daily and enter for the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot. The exciting thing about this jackpot is that it increases with every play — up to $3,000,000!

Checklist graphic

Tip #3 Don’t Forget The Instant Prizes! Did you know that there’s an instant winner every 10 minutes within the PCH network of sites? At PCHSearch&Win you could win an exciting instant prize just by searching the web! When you play all your daily cards at PCHlotto, your final card is an awesome instant-win opportunity and there are instant-win games and scratch cards at as well!

Tip #4 Learn How To Spot A Scam!  Become a real sweeps pro and learn how to spot a scam! Publishers Clearing House — and all legitimate sweepstakes companies –will never, ever ask you to pay to enter or receive a prize. It’s the law! If someone posing as a representative of PCH or another sweepstakes company asks you to pay any amount of money for shipping, handling, taxes, insurance, or something similar — STOP! They are trying to scam you and have no intention of actually awarding a prize!

Tip #5 Stay Positive! All Publishers Clearing House prizes are guaranteed to be awarded as offered … and we have LOTS of winners. You could become one of them! Think positively and don’t give up on your dreams. After all, winning the “Big One” would be so worth it!

Stay Positive

There you have it, friends; Our Top 5 Sweepstakes Tips For Beginners! Any questions? Write me a message in the comments section below.

Have fun and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. The Prize Patrol will be on the road TODAY and TOMORROW awarding two more big Sweepstakes prizes! Head over to Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook to follow fun clues about where they are going!

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  1. Always stay positive never give up stay strong

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    Thank you Bring it Can be the Heart of Dollars in 10K weeks and the 3Super team,


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  6. Ione Ellis says:

    PCH I don’t want to bother you but it is frustrating when I keep playing for tokens I have so many tokens that I can not redeem every time I try the whole face of my phone turns black this happens every time every so often and let me get in and all I could get to is the foot massager but even though I tried that they used to let me redeem the last time I ever really did that is when I was trying to get the jury but still it look like it wouldn’t let me have it so I don’t even try to redeem anymore cuz it don’t make no sense for me to try its like someone let’s me plays the game but they will not let me redeem cuz whenever come down to a lot of the games someone blinks me out my grandson was here he seemed where there’s three individuals they is trying to break into every game I play that’s why I’ve been deleting a lot of people off of my facebook because I don’t know who’s doing it I used to get filthy picture on my facebook and I said on the Facebook please do not put nothing like that on my phone and I’ve said whoever’s been doing this I wish you stop even if I play Publishers Clearing House through the mail that’s what I would do I wish Publishers Clearing House me games through the mail cuz I’m fed up with this is really getting on my nerves I know I said I would never stop but I never said I was stopped playing through the mail so whoever is keep interfering with me and publishers Clearinghouse you might as well forget it you’re not going to win cuz I have other ways to get through to them thank you now go cover yourself because you should be ashamed of everything you do to whoever you interfere with If you believe in God use that mess with other people’s lives cuz don’t forget your human being 2 and whatever you do you will pay 10 fold just for what you do to the innocent that’s not bothering you You are selfish and you are evil To want to hurt anyone in any kind of form I feel sorry for you You must be a very unhappy person I pray for you Stop doing this to other people and me too I don’t deserve it

  7. Staying positive pch

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