I just saw “Jersey Boys” – the movie.  Of course I wanted to hear the great songs by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons again; but I also wanted to see how Clint Eastwood’s film version compared to the Broadway show – which I saw in Vegas.  Well, the movie has some dark drama in it, but it still has the fabulous music at the end (which some critics are calling the best part).  Whether it’s the show or the movie version, you’ll still leave the theater wanting to sing.  In fact you’ll be on a “high” – kinda like you’d feel if you were to win the Sweepstakes and be surprised by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol  — especially now that our $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize is back!

$5,000 A Week Forever Prize

Yes-sir, there’s nothing like a visit from America’s most welcome houseguests, the PCH Prize Patrol.   First there’s the excitement of seeing the van pull up, then the knock on the door, then the roses and balloons, and then (ta dah!!!) The Big Check!  Whether it’s worth thousands or millions, that oversized piece of cardboard will probably get framed and hang in the living room to remind one and all of that exciting and most memorable “winning moment.”

Of course it’s the real check that’s the most important thing. Now remember, with our incredible “Forever” prize, a winner would receive $5,000.00 a week for life, plus after that, the payments would continue for a special someone the winner chooses. That much money could pay off all your bills and maybe change your life and your family’s life!

I know that you regular PCH Blog readers don’t need much encouragement.  I know you want to WIN the Sweepstakes! But I want to remind you that there are lots of ways to win at Publishers Clearing House: at, PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHLotto, and more.  And remember: our rules allow you to enter our sweepstakes at each of these sites every single day – thereby giving you more chances to win.


So enter!  Before long you might be walking on air – and singing “Oh What A Night!”

Wishing you the best of luck.



Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador


  1. Shannon M. Young says:

    If I won I would drop to my knee’s n say my praires have been answered thank you all..

  2. PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH WIN $75,000.00 Cash To Pay Off Your Bills! From PCH GWY.NO. 3726! D.M.

  3. Frankiie says:

    I want to sing

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    I want to sing!

  5. Carla M Antee says:

    Win the Sweepstakes I would feel like singing in the rain. A Maniacal occasion.

  6. PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH WIN $75,000.00 Cash To Pay Off Your Bills! PCH GWY.NO.3726! D.M.

  7. PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH WIN $75,000.00 Cash To Pay Off Your Bills! From PCH GWY.NO.3726! D.M.

  8. PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH WIN $75,000.00 Cash To Pay Off Your Bills! From PCH GWY.NO.3726! D.M. Sounds Like A Great Plan Lets Go For It..

  9. adalia arcena says:

    everyone has a story and I guess mine is no different than anyone else’s. I’ve been through so much and nothing would be better than to have some money to get back on my feet. I had to move in with a friend who was nice enough to let me live in their home. but everyone knows there’s nothing like having your own. I have no income because I don’t have a vehicle to get around to get a job. where I live you need a car to get around. I had to move away from my family because of my divorce. I never won anything. and I guess im kind of feeling sorry for myself but the only thing I can be thankful for is that God allows me to wake up every morning. my health isn’t the best and I have no insurance. I have entered in every sweepstakes there is on PCH for a very long time. I would sing for the rest of my life if I got that knock at the door from you. it would be a blessing to be able to give back to those who have helped me along this path of life. and to have a wonderful reunion with my family who also deserves a happy life. I want so much to achieve something wonderful and to help others. so I will keep my fingers crossed and pray that maybe just this one time my life will be on the mend and that I can finally sleep without any worries. just once is all it takes and all I will need. thank you for reading my message.

  10. PCH WIN $75,000.00 Cash To Pay Pay Off My D.M. Bills! PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO.3726! D.M. I Need To Be Dept Free To Move Forward With My Life & Goals..

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