Will the traffic cameras in YOUR town spot the Prize Patrol van?

Beep Beep! Are you driven to win? We hope so, because the Prize Patrol is packing up the Prize Patrol van for next week’s road trip: a SuperPrize delivery!

Danielle, Todd, Dave, and Howie are ready to award $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life from PCH Gwy. No. 88OO. And if the matching winning number is not returned, $1,OOO,OOO.OO will be awarded in a second chance drawing  during this special early look event! Either way, a “Big Check” will have a front row seat in the Prize Patrol van NEXT WEEK!!

Yes, it’s true that the Prize Patrol will be cruising around in the “prizemobile” next week… looking for the SuperPrize winner’s address! Yes, it’s true that these superheroes will save the day AGAIN by awarding money! And YES, it’s true that that means on April 28th, the Prize Patrol could be driving around your town, looking for your address, ready to deliver YOU a SuperPrize!

Talk about SUPER!

Now, here’s a thought… Will the traffic cameras in YOUR town spot the Prize Patrol van?

Well, think about it! Next week, the Prize Patrol will definitely be driving around a town or city, about to award a SuperPrize to a winner. And they will be driving around in the famous Prize Patrol van. So, as long as you enter to win , the traffic cameras in your town or city could spot the Prize Patrol van!

So, just totally thinking out loud, here… if the traffic cameras in your town spot the Prize Patrol van, who do you think would be driving the car? Todd? Danielle? Dave? Howie? The camera man? I wonder!

These are some of the thoughts to keep in mind…Will the traffic cameras in YOUR town spot the Prize Patrol van? Will the Prize Patrol be in your neighborhood next week? Would YOU be ready to meet the Prize Patrol on April 28th? The answer to all of these questions could be “YES” if you enter to win !

Go ahead and enter today… You have the green light!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I accept superprize win for 7,000 a week for life…or on April 2017 win a 1 million from gwy8800. Thanks PCH an prize team…. Russell Alltop

  2. Yes I would REALLY LOVE TO WIN the 7aweek for life opportunity that would change our life 4ever.words couldn’t explain this happiness that me and our family would have if we win a lifetime giveaway.THANKS 😊tammiebaker.fromburlington n.c.

  3. I don’t know if anyone would see the van. There’s only about 200 people who live where I’m at. hahahaha Just kidding. Yes they would spot you I’m sure and yes it’s that small of a village, but I’ll be waiting. 🙂 I’ll even do a tap dance. Thank you.