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Happy “Fourth” from PCH, America’s “Yankee Doodle Sweepstakes”!

To get your holiday off to a rousing start, here’s a 4th of July song from Publishers Clearing House, your all-American Sweepstakes — sing it to the tune of George Cohan’s flag-waving favorite, “Yankee Doodle Boy”!

We’re your Yankee Doodle Sweepstakes
As U.S.A. as apple pie!
Making real-live winners all across this land,
Is what we adore — here is why:
We have our Yankee Doodle sweethearts:
It’s YOU, of course — can’t tell a lie!
Our Prize Patrol brings Big Checks
In a van, not on a pony …
We are your Yankee Doodle guys!

What’s that? ANOTHER chorus?
OK, here goes …

We’re your Yankee Doodle Sweepstakes,
For 50 years, and even more …
How many $Millions have we paid so far?
At last count, Four Hundred Thirty Four!
Now here’s our Yankee Doodle secret
To winning,
and you know it’s true:
Send in your entries every day
By web or mail or pony
Our Prize Patrol could bring a check to you!

A grand and glorious “4th” from Our House to Yours!

Marybeth @ Publishers Clearing House

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