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PCH Big Check Asks: Who’s Ready To Meet Me?

Please comment below and let Lucky know you’d be ready to give him a big hug THIS FRIDAY!

Hey Blog Readers,

It’s me, Lucky Windfall, the PCH Big check, and I’ve got ONE MILLION REASONS to write to you today!

You see, I was in my vault this morning, looking at pictures of some of my favorite winning moments, and I got a call – it was Danielle and she was super excited to tell me that, even though there was no match when the Contest Department took a Special Early Look for a winner of our December 21st Prize Event, we still get to go out and award $1 Million!

“ONE MILLION DOLLARS!” — I screamed so loud, Mama Windfall ran all the way over from the ATM Machine!  Once she saw how exited I was, she took the picture I posted here!  Don’t laugh – I just woke up and my border was a MESS, my zeros were tilted and my ink was smudged!  But I had to share this silly picture with you, Blog Readers, as a reminder that, if I come to your door on Friday, it doesn’t matter if your hair is done – or if your payline isn’t straight – what matters is the joy we’ll share as you hug me for the very first time!

And, Speaking Of Hugs … Who Wants To Hug ME This Friday?

I know you can’t tell from my picture, but I promise, I’ll look like a million bucks if I come to your door!  Ooh, I just can’t wait to meet our winner!  My zeros are shaking just thinking about that first hug – for me, that’s the best part of being a BIG CHECK!  Gosh, I remember hugging all our Million Dollar Winners, like Fran Charger who hugged me so tight my corners creased!  Diane Jehanian won $1 Million, too – she hugged me the minute we got to her door – and she didn’t want to stop even after the pictures were taken!  It was such an amazing Winning Moment!

But what about you?!?  If we meet, will you put your arms around me and dance?  Will you show me off to your family and friends?  Please let me know below – I’ll be reading your comments as I get my ink done, my zeros straightened and my seal shined to get ready for the $1,000,000.00 PRIZE DELIVERY this Friday!

I can’t wait to hear from you,

Lucky Windfall
PCH Big Check

P.S.  Don’t be shy!  As he gets ready for the big Prize Event, now’s the perfect time to make Lucky feel wanted!  Tell him how much you want to hug him and how much you want to meet him … he loves hearing what you think!


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