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WOW! So Many Big Winners This Summer!

Wait, it’s only July 26th! We’ve been having so many winners lately that it feels like we’ve had an entire summer of winnings. But summer is not over yet and there are so many more prizes and giveaways to be awarded. Make sure to enter to win for a chance to become a PCH winner this summer!

Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and check out some of our winners and their great prizes!

To kick off the summer heat, Matt ‘The Stats Man’ Kelly hopped on a flight to Minnesota to award Jeanmarie Dahl with a $15,000.00 check! After that, PCH must have caught the giveaway fever because the winnings went rolling on!

On June 20th Howie flew out to Miami, Fl to award Isabel L. a $25,000.00 prize as a part of the PCHLotto Mega Money Multiplier! Isabel was not the only winner on PCHLotto though, there were 4,700 winners of smaller prizes on PCHLotto overall in the month of June! It pays to have fun at PCH!

One day later, Prize Patrol member Danielle went to Gasport, New York to find Miriam Rodriguez, the winner of the $10,000.00 Cash for School Prize!

Yup, the Prize Patrol got so busy that they had to split up.

PCH also awarded a hot summer ONE MILLION DOLLAR SUPERPRIZE! Yes, you heard right. June 30th was a very special day for retired police officer, Cedric L. of Buffalo, New York. Cedric reminded fans that if he won, anyone can! So, ENTER TO WIN!

Superprize winner Cedric Littlejohn and his family!
Superprize winner Cedric Littlejohn and his family!

That’s not all for June. PCH gave away a lot of small prizes as well, because we love to see our fans WIN!

We had over 55 Token Exchange Winners in the month of June! There were prices worth up to $500.00. Hooray to the over 120 PCH fans who won prizes via PCHSearch&Win! Most of us go on the internet every day, right? So why not give yourself a chance to win while you’re at it! You could be like some of our winners out in North Carolina and Missouri who are enjoying $250.00 Amazon Gift Certificates.

That’s not all for June! Patricia A. of Las Vegas, Nevada won $5,000.00 on the Bingo Bucks Scratch Card. Gwen Catlett won a handsome $5,000.00 via a PCHLotto scratch card! Nancy H. from Phoenix, AZ won the PCHSearch&Win Prize Access Event and is now $10,000.00 richer!

Winner Nancy H. of Phoenix, AZ
Winner Nancy H. of Phoenix, AZ

To top off PCH Pay Day on June 30th, Tim R. from Rosendale, MO was awarded his winnings of $10,000.00! See him and his family in the photo below!

Winner Tim R. on PCH Pay Day.
Winner Tim R. on PCH Pay Day.

July started off with a big blast! On July 10th PCH awarded two BIG PRIZES! Uma Gwaltney of Clarence, NY won the $1,000,000.00 PCH Power Prize! Meanwhile, David Rodriguez won a Ford Edge valued at $54,510 out in Deerfield, FL.

Paul P. of Newport, KY won $5,000.00 as a part of the PCHSearch&Win Prize Access event!
Ken H. of Center Ossipee, NH won $5,000.00 from PCHSearch&Win.
Connie M. of Pittsburgh, PA won $10,000.00! Check out her winning moment below!

On July 15th Michael T. of New Preston, CT walked away with the PCH Keno prize of $100,000.00.

Michael T., winner of PCH Keno $100,000.00 prize, and Prize Patrol member Howie.
Michael T., winner of PCH Keno $100,000.00 prize, and Prize Patrol member Howie.

WOW! SO MANY WINNERS THIS SUMMER! And the summer isn’t nearly over yet! We have so many more prizes to come! I didn’t even include the small prize winners for July. So, you know what to do, ENTER ENTER ENTER!

I hope all my blog readers are having a fantastic summer!

Stay cool and keep hydrated.

Your girl,
Tamara Garcia
PCH Creative Intern

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