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#WinnerWednesday: Are YOU A PCH Winner?

Greetings, fans and friends!

In the last #WinnerWednesday blog, we showcased some real PCH winners, and I promised you that this #WinnerWednesday I’d bring you some more.

Well today, I present to you five more happy winners of smaller PCH prizes who want to share their winning moments with you. Are YOU a PCH winner like these lucky ladies?

Jamie M. (there she is pictured at the top of this page) won $10.00 this past winter and has been entering to win the PCH Sweeps since 2012. “I play Search and Win, Lotto, and the games,” she says. “Mahjongg is my favorite game. I also like the lotto scratch-offs. I look forward to seeing others win big and I like following the clues on award days. I like hearing the stories of how the winners used the money and how it changed their life.”

“I would like to win one day,” Jamie adds. “I’m a single mom of a 12-year-old son and it would be nice to move into a bigger home, get out of debt, go on a vacation and to help my friends and family. I’m going to keep on playing and having fun and I hope one day you will knock on my door!!! Thank you for making people’s dreams come true and giving us hope!!!!!”

Charlotte M. comments, “I am going to be 82 in August and so far, I have won (4) $10.00 checks over time and (1) $50.00 check a few months ago. Still hoping to win big before I die but I understand millions enter, as I see your adds on TV and hear them on the radio. I think those who have won big are extremely lucky people.”

Charlotte tells me she has been entering since “age 60ish” via mail and, the last many years, via both computer and mail. She enters daily each and every day via PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, and PCH Games, and she enters in response to the PCH emails she receives several times a day. Congratulations, Charlotte, and thank you for staying in it to win it!

Julie A., a $5.00 PCH winner, writes, “I have been entering PCH sweepstakes for about 30 years. I try to enter every day. With a husband, two dogs, two horses, three cats, many rose gardens and camping almost every weekend, sometimes entering every day isn’t possible because of internet service.” But when she does enter, Julie does it on many of our sites, among them PCH Games, PCHSearch&Win, PCHfrontpage, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, PCH Quizzes and PCHlotto. She also redeems her tokens at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange.

“Someday if I ever hit a big ‘Lucky’ check or win a vehicle I would be happy to have my smiling face stuck all over PCH,” Julie adds. “Until then, thanks again, PCH, for the check.”

Stormy B. tells us, “I have won $10 and $1,000 prizes. I have been entering for PCH prizes since 2016. I enter on, on the PCH apps, on Facebook and also through emails. I enter every day and I am keeping the faith that I will win one of the big prizes one day.”

Last but not least on today’s #WinnerWednesday blog, we have Mandolynne H., who tells me that her PCH VIP Elite card says 2002, but she’s been entering as long as she can remember. “I used to sit on the floor at my grandma’s house as a child completing her entries for her by mail, and I used to get so upset with my mom when she would throw away her numbers!” she explains. “I said she could be throwing free money away, but she would tell me it’s just a scam. Fortunately, I never believed that or I wouldn’t be talking to you today.”

Mandolynne goes on to say that she’s got the persistence, patience and positive mental attitude it takes to be a big winner! “I enter ALL the ways! Mostly I enter online these days, but I still throw entries in the mail as well. I try to check in on all 3 apps (Slots, Quizmania, PCH) and enter by phone before I even get out of bed, then I use PCHfrontpage to check out the top stories and PCHsearch as a search engine throughout the day. (That little owl likes to tell me I’m overdoing it sometimes.) Then in the evening, I play the PCH app to enter sweepstakes and gather tokens. Pop Pop Rush is my favorite game, although Mahjongg Minute 3-D is pretty fun too!”

Describing the photo she sent, above, Mandolynne writes, “These three checks are just from this year alone, and although they might not look like much, they prove that I’m already a winner! Someone is going to win the SuperPrize, it might as well be me!”

Congratulations to these five winners – and to everyone who has ever won a PCH prize!

Are YOU a PCH winner like Jamie, Charlotte, Julie, Stormy and Mandolynne? Then comment below and let us know. I just might contact you and ask if you’d like to appear on the PCH blog.

Good luck,
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

PS The 32nd anniversary of the PCH Prize Patrol is next week! That’s 32 years of the Prize Patrol making dreams come true! Read all about it in this Sunday’s blog!

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