It’s Time to Play Some Pop Pop Rush!

“POP!” That’s the sound that brings smiles to children’s faces around the world when they pop a balloon, and you’ll get that same thrill when you play Pop Pop Rush at! Well, you get that same thrill PLUS tokens that help you enter to win amazing prizes. But more on that later!

Pop Pop Rush is as simple as it is fun, and the best way to get into it is to just start playing! I had a blast trying it out, and I know you will too.

First, let me say that this is a great game for playing both on your device or on the desktop. There’s lots of “swiping” involved, which you can do on your mobile device screen or by clicking and dragging your mouse! I tried it both ways, and I’m still not sure which way was my favorite. They’re both so simple!

The object of the game is to link together balloons of the same color. You link them by selecting one, and then swiping to one that’s adjacent of the same color. Once you let go of your selection, the linked balloons will *POP*!

With every pop, you get points…but don’t stop at just linking two balloons! The best way to maximize your game play is to link together as many balloons as possible, going for bigger and bigger points values. There are also “power ups” to attach to your balloon chains that will increase your points and let you pop other colors on the game board!

Every time a section of balloons pop, the board brings in some new balloons, so make sure you think strategically! Part of the game is knowing where balloons will end up next so you can link more balloons during your next turn.

But don’t forget, a game with the fun of this magnitude isn’t just called “Pop Pop,” it’s Pop Pop Rush! As soon as the game begins, a timer counts down to the finish, so you’re racing to see how many points you can accumulate before time runs out! You’re sure to get better game after game, so keep going! Can you beat my score? This was my first attempt, so I bet you can!  Give it a try!

Oh, but remember when I said that you can earn tokens playing this game? Well don’t forget that tokens are for usage at the PCH Token Exchange. What’s the PCH Token Exchange? It’s where you turn in your stacks of tokens for chances to win amazing prizes! And while PCH employees like me cannot enter to win prizes at the Token Exchange, folks like you can visit and go for exciting prizes every single day!

So, give Pop Pop Rush a shot today! I guarantee it’s an explosive good time!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Did you know we announce new Token Exchange winners every month? Out of that list of prizes, what would you want to go for the most? Tell us in the comments below!



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