New York Lottery Mega Millions Jackpot

I heard on the radio this morning that the New York Lottery Mega Millions Jackpot is up to $118 Million for tonight’s drawing. Many people will be standing on long lines in the cold weather and paying a buck just for a chance to play. Seems like a lot of effort when compared to the PCH Sweepstakes where you can get a FREE chance to win $10 Million from the warmth and comfort of your own home!

It’s so easy to enter the contest online at! Just a few clicks on your keyboard and you’re in the drawing! No hassle, no trips to the store to buy a ticket, no purchase or fee necessary to enter and win at Publishers Clearing House! And, if you’re like most people, TEN Million Dollars is mega enough to make you very happy!

So, if you’d like to win millions the easy way, why not enter the PCH Sweepstakes? You could even do it from your mobile smart phone while you’re waiting in line to buy a New York Lottery Mega Millions Jackpot ticket! Now that’s what I call sweet!

Good luck,

Deborah Holland

EVP, PCH Publishers Clearing House

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  1. Hi PCH its me again PCH my dream is in your hands help me open my business I have been playing for 7 years now

  2. I wish that I could win. I have lost practically everything and everybody in my life d/t my worker’s comp injury and family deaths. WC & my old employers are vicious and cruel. I know my local dog shelters and battered women’s shelter would be happy if I won, as would my 2 only friends and 2 family members. I think everyone is struggling with their houses being upside down in value or even being homeless now. Hoping for a win, as we all have the same chance of winning. :^)

  3. I have been waiting anxiously for the Prize Patrol to come into my small neighborhood circle. I have neighbors that need work done on their houses, as mine does. I want to help them. Being unemployed for over a year and raising an eight year old can keep you on your toes. Thank God there are organizations out there that help feed and clothe us. I dream of not worrying how am I going to pay my mortgage, I have an angel who has been helping with that. I need the heat fixed in my house. I’m tired of wearing layers. My eight year old has asthma and eczema, I had to watch her carefully everyday. Thank you and God bless everyone for making those choosen to have a better outlook on life. Marlese.

  4. I wish one day that I will win even under a hundred dollars just to help me pay the bills since I am the only one who is working right now coz hubby got laid off for two years now šŸ™

  5. Hello
    Well I did not hear radio this morning but thank you very much for giving such information about this lottery.Its really good to know about New York Lottery Mega Millions Jackpot.I will also try for this.

  6. Deborah Holland , first i’de like to say Hello to you.”
    I wanted to play the lottery , but i didnt even have a dollar to play tonight lol no joke. Times have been rough here in MI. Things havent been good this year.
    I Won’t go into everything its depressing, and i’m keeping my head up for better things to come and it will.It could possably be from one of my PCH entries ive been sending in( Promptly ).I don’t want to miss this oppertunity that could change our whole world.
    So TG Publishers Clearing House is a FREE CHANCE to Become A Big Cash Winner, or A Dream Come True That would Be AWSOME!!You just don’t know how much of a Blessing winning eather way would be for us in Newport. WOW!!!Exactly the Word.
    So you Bet my Entries are in. I Want My Dreams To Come True For My Family,Sooner the Better.
    BAAAA HUUMBUG To The Lottery, Publishers Clearing House Is My way To go.
    p.s Beside Where else can you meet Dave Sayer,Eve Fish,Todd Sloane PCH PRize Patrol and say Hello to Deborah Holland.

  7. yeah i heard that to but like here the chances r slim to none well for me because unlike the rest of the people who enter or play lottery i am not greedy and want it all i didn’t enter the 10 million here why because all i ever wanted to win was the ford exscape oe enough money to buy one that is it i am not greedy like alot of people.