PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Delivery Van on Empty

Gas Tank On Empty, But A Full Tank Of Enthusiasm!

You know those cool itineraries you often see in your PCH entry forms where we spell out exactly where the PCH Prize Patrol might stop for gas before making a surprise prize delivery? They really are great tools to help you see where we might stop near you should you be a Publishers Clearing House winner. But sometimes we find ourselves on long stretches of highway without having stopped at the local gas station before we left town. And that’s exactly what happened to us on a recent trip between South Bend, Indiana and southern Michigan—we had just surprised someone with a $10,000 cash sweepstakes prize, and after all the excitement, we totally forgot that our gas tank was on empty!

Empty prize delivery van

We immediately checked in with the GPS to find a local gas station. Unfortunately for us, the one it directed us towards first was 11 miles away and seemed like it might only carry diesel, something the Prize Patrol Van doesn’t run on! After pulling off the road and making a quick recalculation, we were able to locate a station only 4 miles from where we were. But would we make it? We finally pulled into town and noticed that the gas station’s prices were conspicuously absent from the signs. Uh-oh! A glance to our left and we realized the station had closed down! “We’re going to have to hitchhike and make our next prize delivery from the back of a pickup truck,” I said to Jack, my fellow Deputy. “Although I don’t know how we’ll attach the Prize Patrol sign to that kind of vehicle!”

But hey, we’re Prize Patrol Deputies from PCH, and just like when our winners aren’t home, we know how to find what we’re searching for and we LOVE an adventure! We drove through the town, determined and confident, found another gas station that was open, and we were able to fuel up! Whew! Although I still think it would have been fun delivering our next cash sweepstakes prize from a pickup truck.

Looking forward to our next prize delivery adventure!

Sean B.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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  1. Hello PCH Pllay&Win!

    Yes, I would love to be the winner of “A Brand New Mustang + $10,000.00 Toward An American Road Trip”. Waiting patiently since 2008 to win and see all of your smiling faces on my door step. Praying God’s blessings this go around.

  2. PCHfrontpage:Prize Delivery itinerary:On
    December 22nd the Prize Patrol will follow an itinerary to my address should
    I be declare our “Turn Back Time” Prize
    Winner(502 Sunset dr.Noel Mo 64854).
    Thank you,

  3. I didn’t get a confirm notice on my. Prize Patrol delivery itinerary for the summer time prize of a lifetime from PCH on AUGUST 31st #8800,what do I do,I still want to win the chance of a lifetime $15million dollars thankyou,Debra

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  5. Leticia Bibo Said…
    Hi PCHPlay&Win.!!
    It would be amazing to win the opportunities of a $10,000.00 towards An American Road Trip from PCH Gwy.No.8187!

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