Sweepstakes Prize of $5000 A Week For Life is More Than a Nest Egg

The sweepstakes prize of $5000 A Week for Life currently offered by PCH would certainly provide lifetime financial security for a lucky sweepstakes winner. It’s amazing how many websites there are that have to do with financial security and “nest eggs.” But there’s one website, pch.com, that could provide you with the BIGGEST nest egg of all: a gigantic sweepstakes prize paying you $5000 A Week, every single week, for the rest of your life!

Actually, that amount of dough is a lot more than a nest egg. By definition a “nest egg” is a reserve of money or savings, kind of like a rainy day fund. Clearly, if you win $5000 A Week for Life that’s a whopping, big fund! To carry the bird metaphor a bit further, you could really feather your nest big-time!

Just think of what you could do with such a huge cash windfall: buy a new home, travel the world over, buy a new car or two (or three!), pay education expenses for yourself, your children or grandchildren, donate generously to charities, do all kinds of “makeovers,” be set for life!

I think of many PCH sweepstakes winners that I’ve known over the nearly thirty years I’ve been awarding huge cash prizes to lucky folks who entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. They have known the joy and financial security of winning and are mighty glad that they followed our advice: ENTER! You have nothing to lose! You don’t have to go to a store that sells lottery tickets or wait on line or shell out dollars or even a penny!

Just click here on this link to pch.com to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online without delay. And like a bird who’s up early each morning to “get the worm,” return to pch.com and enter every day! That will improve your odds of winning this fabulous sweepstakes prize and the possibility of our Prize Patrol arriving on your doorstep to announce, “You are a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner!”

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. Winning such a blessing would be a help in times of need. Out of work, needing medical assistance and family members with enormous medical expenses, children trying to complete their educations and pursue jobs, needing transportation and housing. This list could go on. So would this win be a blessing? Friends and family are a gift of God and it’s my desire to help them and many others . Yes, my prayer is that this money would be used for good and not evil.

  2. It is my daily prayers to God that, He gives me more strength to wake up after 5 AM every morning to participate in the Pch.com Programs for a chance to win “The $5,000.00 A week for life” I wish to be one of the ( 12,657 people who like the Publishers Clearing House as it is seen on Tday’s Bulten website on the right hand side of the face book. I also support and accept the message of today from; Dave Sayer

    Executive Director

    PCH PRIZE PATROL who wrote to us a message for today that: “{As you enter every day! That will improve your odds of winning this fabulous sweepstakes prize and the possibility of our Prize Patrol arriving on your doorstep to announce, “You are a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner!

    Finally, my goal every day is to enter for a chance to win the proposed $5,000.00 A Week for life; a enough for my Retirement, my Family and help me to spearhead my : “PLANED OBAMA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TO START IN CALIFORNIA STATE EARLY SEPTEMBER 2010.” If I win the $5,000.00. What should I say With God all are possible.Good Luck for every participant in the daily PCH.com winning Program and Offers.
    By David Seremba (Rev)
    Daily Participant of PCH.Com

  3. This win would be a “GOD SEND ” or truly a “MIRACLE ” for three
    families . It would cover daily living expenses , medical bills and school expenses just to mention a few . Truly , God , knows best and I know that he will take care of all of us .

  4. Hi there, just a single mom with two kids. Lost my home last year, lost a business, got run out by partner due to greed, and several family members are out of work like myself, this would help me keep my kids. This would truly be Gods miricle if i were to win. Not only that but i could so help so many others in my life and in the world. Thankyou so much PCH for giving me hope. I would so love to be able to go back to school, and be productive again society.

  5. Hello Everyone,
    This is so incredibile for me to write about thinking of winning. I am so stressed out due to being laid off and working so hard all my life. My home is in deep denger of feling apart and there are so many repairs needed is not even funny. Thinking of winning PCH is the altimate dream and I can’t even imagine that could happen to me. I never won anything in my life and just thinking that I could especially now with all the problems I am facing is incredible. But is good to dream and I want to thank PCH for this opportunity to be one of so many with a dream. I also don’t know how to search for winning anything, does anyone can write me how? Bless you all and good luck to you all. It feels good to say it and going back to dreaming again.

  6. I just wanted to say $ 5,000 dollars a week, my goodness. I am a single mother I have been out of work for a year. I enter everyday, I’ve never won anything in my life!

    I need this money like I need air and water. I wish everyone all the best of luck, please pray for me and my daughter, we need it!


  7. add your comment hereHello Publish Clearing House Fans! I’m entering daily to win myself & it would be a dream come true to get the knock on my front door. Seeing Mr. Dave Sayer and his fellow companions smiling, ear to ear, holding the bouquet of roses and the huge cardboard check I’ve just won! I’d be like a rooster crowing in the neighborhood in this country community. Everyone would be awakening! Furthermore, it would be sincerely a gift that just keeps on giving with me, I’m not greedy, and others would reap a joyous shout also.
    HOPE I WIN!!!

  8. If I was named the winner of the August 31st sweepstakes,I would pay off our debt so we don’t have to struggle pay check to pay check anymore.Then I would help out my parents pay off their debt because my dad suffered from a heart attack in June,and had to have a triple bypass,he is not feeling well,but must return back to work.They have no other option,he needs to have his full pay check to make ends meat.This kind of money would change everything in our lives,no more worries.Hope we win.Thankyou PCH,for all the wonderful things you do for people.

  9. Hey to everyone out thier in the world……….ima just go ahead n claim the money cause it is mine, no need to look for a winner im #1 Thanks pch!!!!

  10. Hey to eveyone out their in the world………ima just go ahead n claim this money cause i am the winner Thanks PCH!!!! im not crazy im serious