How is the PCH SuperPrize Winner Selected?

The PCH SuperPrize winner will be announced in just a few days and some folks are wondering how the winner is selected.

The PCH SuperPrize winner will be announced in just a few days and some folks are wondering how the winner is selected.

I’m Maryann Carter, Manager of the Publishers Clearing House Contest Department. You may recognize my name from some of the PCH Bulletins. I’m responsible for overseeing contest planning, processing and integrity, including the coordination of all sweepstakes drawings and prize awards. My staff is a specially trained group that registers the sweepstakes, keeps track of all the giveaway details, writes the Official Rules, issues processing instructions and makes sure the winners receive their prize awards in a timely fashion.

This past week has been incredibly busy for us because of all the winner selections going on. With random drawings for the 211 “Short List” DMA contest and an online-only $10,000 prize in Giveaway 1804, plus the Matching Winning Number Sneak Peek for Giveaway 1830, and a Matching Winning Number drawing for Giveaway 1831, 214 winners were selected!

In a random drawing, such as the 211 Short List and online-only $10,000 prize, the computer randomly selects a winner from among all eligible entries. Matching Winning Number drawings have a different winner selection process.

In preparation for a Matching Winning Number drawing such as the recent Sneak Peek for $1 Million A Year For Life, the Contest Department compiles the total participating universe of numbers for the giveaway and defines the eligible SuperPrize Number range for the Sneak Peek event, as well as all other promotional entry information pertaining to the giveaway. This information is distributed to an independent auditor, the PCH Board of Officials, our internal control department, prize award underwriters and the contest programmers in our PCH IT Department. This information is then loaded into the mainframe computer to run PCH’s Winning Number Generator Program. Once a winning number is randomly selected from the participating universe, we check to see if it’s from the Sneak Peek eligible range and if an eligible matching winning number was returned. If so, then we have a winner of the big SuperPrize! If not, then we go to a second chance random drawing to select a winner of a base prize, as advertised. In the case of this Giveaway 1830 drawing, a base prize of $1 Million was advertised.

Everyone involved in the prize drawings works very hard to ensure accuracy and security in how the winner is selected. Records are double- and triple-checked by many sets of eyes. When a PCH SuperPrize winner is finally determined, we all smile, because we know some lucky person’s life is about to be changed!

I’ve been in the PCH Contest Department for 16 years and I really enjoy my job. Even though it’s a lot of work, I still get a thrill every time I see the excitement on a new winner’s face when surprised by the Prize Patrol. My team and I know that we helped, from behind the scenes, to contribute to the happiness in each winning moment. With over $225 Million in prizes awarded since the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes began in 1967, that’s a lot of happiness!

Good luck to all of our PCH Blog readers and sweepstakes entrants!

Maryann Carter

Manager, PCH Contest Department

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  1. Hi,
    I have gotten emails that that PCH will be in my TV area on the 28th of February if I’m picked, I recieved a Prize Elite Seal notice in my email does this mean I have a chance for the grand prize? it said I’m eligible

    Thank you

    1. Hi Estacia,

      A “short list” of 212 winners was randomly selected from all entries received. Of these winners, 211 are Local Award recipients of $1000.00 and are picked from local TV viewing areas as specified by Nielsen Media Research. These are the winners in your area.

      The final winner was the winner of the grand prize of $1,000,000.00 for Life or the “second chance” prize if the winning number selected was not matched. All of these winners were sent a notification that they had won at least $1000.00 and could be our grand prize winner in this “Advanced Look” drawing.

      In the event of an “Advanced Look”, a SuperPrize number is drawn and, if the winning entry has been returned, the prize is awarded. If the winning number was not returned, the prize rolls over to the next draw date. If the prize is not awarded on any of the “Advanced Look” draw dates, the prize will be awarded on the end date specified in the Sweepstakes Facts.

      In this case, the winning number was not matched and the second chance prize of $1,000,000.00 was awarded to Karen Anderson of Bella Vista, Arkansas .

      The latest 211 Local Awards recipients can be viewed at under the “Winners Circle” link at the bottom.

      The direct link is:

      Chris @ PCH

  2. Can you get something in the email?? i got an email on the 22d saying i was in the area but i never got anything through my actual mail??

  3. Where on will the short list be located? Also I want to take a moment to thank you guys for all the hard work! I know that even if I don’t win this time someone totally deserving will have an amazingly positive change in their life. That kind of positivity should never breed any negative feelings so, if its me I’ll dance and celebrate, and if its not I’ll dance and celebrate and be ready for winning the 10 million 🙂

    Thanks again.

    Love to everyone who enters and everyone who dreams.

  4. By the way, who owns PCH? Is it own by the officers, executives and chair man of the company. Does the staff own some stocks in the company?

    1. Publishers Clearing House is a privately owned company. Our founders are deceased. The owners are charitable trusts set up by our generous founders, and a few individuals who were related in some way to the founders. Over 40% of our profits go to the benefit of charities that support the arts, environmental protection and human rights. You can read more about the ownership of PCH at this link:
      Deborah @ PCH

      1. With that I LIKE the whole concept of the company..
        It gives me more confidence to WANT to do do business with them!!

        As i truly think that that is the way for the new way of business.. for the ” GOOD of the WHOLE”

        I have always been an advocate for that.( before anyone talked about it).. but along the times that I have worked for others.. I do not think that was their philosophy..

        Thanks for the info..


  5. Whoever the lucky winner is , means he or she needs it more than anybody else . Also I am sure she or he deserves it. I wish Monday the 28th comes so the excitement and the hoopla will be over and entrants will be ready for the next giveaways.It is normal to hope and get excited but not over anxious nor be obsessed. I like to be a winner but I am also a good sport. You can win them all. Just FOOD FOR THOUGHT, As long as GREED IS NOT THE MOTIVE WE ALL HAVE AN EQUAL CHANCE NOW,TODAY TOMORROW. SOMETIME, NEXT TIME OR ANYTIME.

    1. Hey Deayreus,

      If you did not receive a letter from UPS indiciating you’ve won $1,000 and maybe more, then you aren’t a winner for Gwy. 1670.

      Best of luck for Gwy 1830,
      Alanna @ PCH


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  7. Finally, I made it in time (I think) to BLOG to my hearts content.
    Ok, so some of us did not make it.
    It is NOT the end of the world.

    We are all still around to talk about it, AND we are all still around to KEEP ENTERING for the MULTITUDE of SWEEPSTAKES that PCH will CONTINUE to present for YEARS to COME; as long as we all remember to support PCH companies, not just at sweepstakes time, but all year long when we need gifts for EVERY OCCASION. We have seen that SHOPAndWIN is carrying a variety of Household, Jewelry, Pet, Electronics etc to SATISFY virtually everyone AND THEY WILL ADD MORE. You should remember that SHOPandWIN is a new DIVISION. Of course we cannot overlook, all of the mail entries, Lotto and PCH GAMES enteries. Everywhere you look these days, you can find a ‘PCH’ WEB site for something.
    Remember to keep your purchasing ‘REAL’; buy GIFTS and HOUSEHOLD items, BOOKS and MAGAZINES as you USUALLY do; as gifts for others or items for yourself. A couple of people worried me in the blog, when they stated they were buying every chance they got.

    DON’T BUY to WIN and get yourself in financial hot water.
    PCH has made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that No PURCHASE is NECESSARY TO WIN. ALl I am asking is that if we want PCH PRIZE PATROL AROUND to give out Sweepstakes prizes, then do your usual shopping with PCH. Help to SUPPORT the BUSINESS that gives back to it’s customers so generously.

    OH WELL, My living room is sparkling in hopes of entertaining the Prize Patrol; so I suppose I will invite friends over for a little get together, maybe in time to see the NBC NIGHTLY NEWS when the BIG Prize is awarded, and make it a happy, fun night with Friends.

    I’ll use my new Deep Fryer and make some great treats and then I will whip up a SPECIAL (dare I mention it, an alcohol based Concoction and serve it in my New Double Highball Crystalware.

    I make a KILLER, New Orleans Famous, HURRICANE , which was first served at PAT O’Brian’s Piano Club (Bar) located in the French Quarter in New Orleans.


    Vickie P
    Markle, IN

  8. Keeping the Faith . Hope to prove everyone who doesn’t believe. PCH is REAL! A Miracle can Happen even to me .I have to Let Go & Let God !