A PCH Poem from a PCH Instant Winner

The PCH Prize Patrol never visited Doris. C from Louisville, OH to award her a $10,000 Publishers Clearing House instant win cash prize. The Publishers Clearing House Instant Winner didn’t receive the bouquet of roses or balloons along with her PCH prize. Although her winning moment happened in the online realm, she was probably just as excited to win $10,000 online as anyone could be!

Doris C. is one of the many PCH winners who entered through Publishers Clearing House online properties and can say that they won an instant online sweepstakes. The only difference is that instead of  having the Prize Patrol surprise her in her house or at work, she won $10,000 instantly while playing the Pop&Win game at PCH.com!

PCH Winner Doris C. was so thrilled about instantly winning $10,000 that she voluntarily sent us a short hand-written poem expressing her gratitude for becoming a PCH Winner. We thought it would be an especially nice thing to share this Publishers Clearing House winner’s funny and flattering poem:

To the front door they walk

Quiet as a mouse,

Ring the bell,

Open the door,

Its Publishers Clearing House!

Doris C. $10,000 online winner

Doris C. concluded the PCH poem with “Hope this put a smile on your face – winning $10,000 sure put a big one on mine!!! Thank you PCH!”

While many entrants win, or even more, entrants win through traditional offline letters, Publishers Clearing House has developed many more ways for you to enjoy free entry into its big cash sweepstakes including PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win, and PCHGames.com. I personally think that winning online is a lot like having Dave Sayer of the Prize Patrol magically appear next to you!

If you won a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes prize, would you personally rather receive the prize online or offline?

The “Prize” Queen

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  1. Either way would put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. Knowing that I would be able to help family
    friends and hopefully share gift with my church.(new kitchen) Just remember if you do make this trip you must visit, our town that is really involved with baseball- softball-football-soccer-tennis-swimming-golf-basket ball.
    It would be my honor to tour my home town with you. Give this some thought looking forward to seeing you real
    soon. Have a great day___PT Wilson

  2. Im not sure which one. But if i had to pick of the two as asked…. I would say receive offline in person cause Im not that computer smart. And offline i would know i had the most blessed winnings ever in my hands. I can only pray to God something like this would happen.