Publishers Clearing House Archives Reveal Interesting Take on Human Nature

Publishers Clearing House archives are quite extensive, to say the least. And, since it was time for the next PCHblog post, I thought I might take a stroll down the proverbial Memory Lane to see what I could find. Well, after reading quite a few old newspaper articles about previous Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes winners as well as recent winners from PCHSearchandWin and ShopandWin, I found that the archives revealed something quite interesting about human nature.

I have often thought about what I would do if I won some money – of course, I couldn’t win anything from Publishers Clearing House because I work here, but you certainly could! My first instinct would be to help my family and friends. Plus, I would be so thrilled to share the good news with them because I know how truly happy they would be for me. It only made sense – to me – to think that everyone else would feel the same if they won some money. But, what I found in one of the old newspaper clippings really made me stop and think more about this.

In 1977, the Gossett family from Irving, Texas won $113,000 in a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. The Dallas Morning News ran a story with the headline: National contest publicity blows cover off family’s hidden windfall. The piece went on to explain that the family immediately had their phone number unlisted, kept the news from their neighbors and friends and told family members not to say anything to anyone. Okay, I figured. It must be because they were afraid they’d get calls from people asking them for money. That’s fair enough. But, when I kept reading, they explained the real reason was because, “We feel people today aren’t always thrilled about somebody else’s good luck.” How sad I thought. Although, there will always be those select few who aren’t happy for others good fortune, I found out, the ones who are very much outnumber the few who aren’t.

Dipping further into the Publishers Clearing House archives restored my faith in human nature. For example, Kristina H. from Naples, FL was a PCHSearchandWin instant prize winner of $100.00 and said that winning “lifted my spirits” and that she wanted “everyone to know.” Another PCHSearchandWin instant prize winner of a $100.00 Visa Card, Sondre H. used her prize to “make a donation to charity because I had just been complaining that I never had any money for that purpose.”  Peggy H. of Tucson, AZ won a $1000.00 television from ShopandWin and said that she would share the prize with her elderly parents since she was moving in with them in order take care of them.

Although I can be a bit cynical at times, I truly feel that human nature is basically good. What do you think? Have you won an instant prize or sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House? Did you share your good news and good fortune? If someone you knew won, how would you feel? We want to know. Please leave a comment below if you like or visit our Fan page on Facebook. We always enjoy hearing from you!

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Here’s to good fortune!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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  1. I’ve been playing by mail, since before we all had personal computers and haven’t won a dime, but I have to add that we need to remember that there are millions of people entering every day, day after day. You already know the odds on your state lotto and those are in the multiple millions of chances.

    This is no different, except you don’t have to buy any tickets. PCH says that you don’t need to purchase anything to enhance your odds of winning and, although I’ve purchased a number of things, I believe that is true. I could be a fool, but I choose to believe this is entirely random and fair.

    Yes PCH makes a lot of money from those of use who purchased over-priced items with exorbitant shipping charges, but that’s our decision not PCH’s. Stay in the game and perhaps you will be the next winner.

    Sharing is the best part of any increase. We all would like to benefit our loved ones with financial stability. I would enjoy giving such future to my sisters, mother and son and his family. If God wills it, He will see that it’s accomplished.

    God bless everyone. Keep trying is all I can say and I haven’t won anything.

  2. I would love to win the 10,00.00 aweek for life gwy no 4900 or the 1,000,000.00 gwy 3577 and the 5,000.00 aweek for life also from gwy no 4900 and I also wish other could win to but do you know that we all need the same things in life and that is money so I am taking the tine out to say good luck to every one

  3. For the person that wishes someone from Joplin win. Thanks for putting that. I myself have thought what I could do with the money. Before it wad nice h help out family. I live in Joplin now I think with that kind off money I could help out many people. I am lucky that I did not lose my house family or anything that really matters to me. If my boyfriend wins we have already talked about helping out the great community that we have. Thanks for putting that comment.