Publishers Clearing House Cares – Can YOU Spot A Scam?

We want our fans to be able to tell the difference between the real Publishers Clearing House and the scammers. Take our quiz below to see if you can spot a scam!

If you’re a regular blog reader, you’re probably well aware of PCH’s long tradition of awarding Sweepstakes prizes! Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who illegally use the Publishers Clearing House name to take advantage of innocent folks. We want you to stay safe and protected against these scammers.  How prepared are you to spot a scam? Take the below True or False quiz to test your knowledge!

True or False:  Publishers Clearing House has been in business for over 50 years and is a name you can trust.

TRUE!  Our company was founded in 1953 and has awarded over $238 Million in Sweepstakes prizes to date. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Publishers Clearing House is a scam. Our name is so well-recognized that oftentimes scammers will fraudulently use the good name of PCH to try to scam consumers. If anyone ever contacts you and asks you to send or wire money to claim a PCH Sweepstakes prize ― don’t fall for it!

True or False:  Publishers Clearing House will never ask you to mail or wire money to claim Sweepstakes prizes.

TRUE! We NEVER ask our winners for payment of any kind. The PCH Sweepstakes (and all legitimate sweepstakes) are FREE, that’s the law!

True or False:  If you win a SuperPrize, the Prize Patrol may notify you by phone and ask for personal bank account information to transfer your winnings.

FALSE! Our BIG SuperPrize winners are notified in person by the Prize Patrol. All those surprise “Winning Moments” you see on TV are REAL. No matter how convincing someone may sound over the phone, the simple fact remains our Prize Patrol does not call to alert winners.

True or False:  There is no purchase necessary to enter or win a Publishers Clearing House prize award.

TRUE!  All PCH Sweepstakes prizes are FREE to enter. While we hope you enjoy our value-driven deals on merchandise and magazines, buying will NOT increase your chances of winning. This important message is prominently displayed in our Official Rules and in all of our promotional mailings. If you are contacted and asked to purchase or pay a fee to claim a prize, you have not heard from Publishers Clearing House.

True or False:  Publishers Clearing House sometimes contacts winners through Facebook to alert them that they’ve won a prize.

FALSE! If you’re lucky enough to win a prize over $10,000.00, the Prize Patrol will surprise you in person.  We do not notify winners via Facebook!  If you are contacted via Facebook and told you have won a PCH prize, it’s an easy way to spot a scam.  Please keep in mind that the only legitimate PCH Fan Pages are the pages that are “Liked” by Publishers Clearing House.

So, how did you do? Could you spot a scam?

5 out of 5 ― Good job! You’re a PCH Pro!

4-3 out of 5 ― Not bad. You might want to check out this page now  to learn more on keeping yourself safe against scammers.

0-2 out of 5 ― Stop! We strongly suggest you visit the above page  NOW to protect yourself.

Please write me a message below and let me know how you did!

Stay safe,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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  1. We have been plaged with phone calls from some guy that won’t stop. After the last confrontation with me, he hasn’t called. If he calls again, I will follow through with what is available to us to stop him. You dont’ have to pay a dime to get any money that you have won. I think these scammers think that one is born every minute.

  2. I am very happy to let you know I am a PCH Pro? I have had no problems with scammers I have been real lucky. Thank you PCH for the very valuable information I will fallow, the guild lines you that you have given me. I am your PCH super fan.:)

  3. Thank you ,PCH employee ,you taught me so much about the computer and how to avoid scammers for a long time.

  4. I am happy to know that I am a pch pro. Thank you pch for the information and changes to win cash and prizes for free.

  5. Hello Elaina R., PCH Creative

    Thank you for that information. This is very important to know this information about preventing these scams from happening. This happened to me and I called your office and they explained all of this above to me. I felt so much better but I also felt sad that I did not win. Oh well, I know it is a long shot to win but I still enter every day on your PCH website. I love playing on your website it is just a lot of fun!!!

    Just wanted to thank you again for this great information.

    I do hope you have a fantastic week!!!!

  6. Letter to PCH, Company
    Publishers Clearing House, I want you to know that I known about your Company sense 1977.I am not to sure if it was a few years back or forward it’s been so long .I used to lived in New York ,I send for orders and always receive my orders. Sadly now I have not received the magazine that I used to receive in Boston. A few days I receive an email telling me that it was very important that I read the email, to stop sending my entries to PCH and orders. That you were reaping people up . I rapidly notice the lie maybe just to get me to stop sending my entry and possibly if I was ordering to stop buying from your company, Sense I know your Company and KNOW, that is a lied, I deleted the email. PCH Prize Patrol and Company I believe you know I care and I love everything you do because I know you are a True Company and this Company Had started this Sweepstakes while Reader’s Digest was already in the public eye with a lot of costumers and I believe I know had a Sweepstakes too. I love this Company PCH because It has gone farther than any other Is in the public and between thousands of people that are learning you can get in touch with the Company buy email if there is any problem that I am sure it has nothing to do with the work and responsibility that this Company and the service they give or apply, as to delivery it is irresponsible and not a good act to make against a Company that I know has never done such a thing. I am proud of Publishers Clearing House a house Responsible for its service and work with now the best way to make people and it’s customers happier with a PCH Sweepstakes that can and will make a Dream and wishes Come true. I wish from my heart I could win .I would stand by its name because it is really valuable as to the way they do care about what they do, for their responsible name the companies seriousness and services. I Love PCH Company and all The PCH, Price. Patrol.Sincerely, 4-9-2012
    Maria Celia Hernandez

  7. I’m a PCH Pro and also Pro PCH. It’s easy to be scammed. But it’s just as easy to remember PCH gives money, doesn’t ask for it (in any form). And remember PCH already has the information they need from you, so they won’t be asking you to give that either. Thank you, for all the FREE chances!

  8. Hi Elaina!
    I can spot a PCH scammer! 🙂 Good information for those that are not sure… Have a great week ahead!