Happy New Year From The PCH Prize Patrol!



First, we just want to say THANK YOU for making 2013 our best year EVER! We awarded over $15 MILLION DOLLARS to winners all year long, and we couldn’t have done it without you! You guys are the BEST!

We cannot wait for everything that’s in store for 2014. Get EXCITED because it’s going to be another “WINNING” year!

Comment below and let us know if you think 2014 is going to be the year that YOU win big! We’ll cross our fingers for all of you!

Danielle Lam
Dave Sayer
Todd Sloane
PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team

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  1. Happy New Year to you all pch and to all over the world. I’ve been entering so i hope i have at least good year this year then last (my worst year ever is 2013) long story… Please please pick me…. Thank you

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that both those three famous PCH Prize Patrol crew & Nicole T. will come to Fairfax,Virginia with all of my largest money prizes on the very first part of the year right after the PCH staff will use the key to open the entry lockbox to remove all of my past entries to find out if I’m a pre select Prize Patrol winner today.

  3. Happy New Year PCH and everyone else! Hopefully it will be me to win but if not then wish you good luck!
    From Texas!

  4. Most definitely going to be my biggest year ever. Not because of the money I may not posses or make but because of the personal changes I choose to make in my life. 2013 been a rough year because of horrible choices I’ve made, time for new choices and appreciate what I do have. Thank you god for giving me another chance to live life like you expect me too. God bless you all and hope you have a Happy New Year!!!!