SuperPrize Winner Follow-Up Interview with Eva Heatley!

Publishers Clearing House winner Eva Heatley and her husband already had a lot to celebrate. It was a beautiful day, and it just happened to be their wedding anniversary! So when her neighbor called to say there was a “package” waiting at her door, Eva figured it had to be related to that.

“Our neighbor called and said, ‘you’ve to got to come home, there’s a package here!’ I had no idea what it would end up being!”

As you can see from the video above, it wasn’t long before the Prize Patrol came back on the scene to surprise both Eva and her husband Eli! And maybe it was because it was their anniversary, but Eli’s first thoughts were of protecting his wife from these strangers walking up their driveway!

“My husband didn’t believe it was them at first. But, thankfully, I recognized them right away and told him we didn’t have anything to worry about.”

As a faithful entrant for many years, Eva was more than able to recognize the Prize Patrol on sight. In fact, she even knew about the June 30th prize award, but she never suspected she was about to become a Publishers Clearing House winner!

“I’m still in shock. I never win anything! I still can’t get my mind around it,” she confessed to us.

But the one thing she can put her mind on is all of the things she can do now that she wasn’t able to do before.

“My first thoughts were of how I could help my family out. And getting a place of my own, maybe a new boat or a new Jeep!”

As you can see from the photo of Eva holding her big check, a new boat would come in handy with all of that water behind her! But a Jeep made the priority list, and she and her husband went out and bought one right away!

“We paid cash! It was crazy. We also did some clothes shopping, and I was able to treat my husband to a birthday trip to San Antonio.”

Since Eva had been entering for years (first through the mail and then via emails online), we asked her what her husband thought of her entering.

“He thought I was silly for entering! He doesn’t anymore, of course. And I still do it every day. Everyone I know does since I’ve won!”

Eva even heard that once the news got out, the entire local police force got bit by the PCH bug, and now enter as much as they can!

“We’re all signing up!” she exclaims.

Eva is so grateful that she is now a Publishers Clearing House winner, and has this to share with other PCH fans:

“Don’t give up! Keep on doing it every day. Stay positive. What’s entering every day going to hurt? Nothing!”

Eva Heatley can now say that she’s a Publishers Clearing House winner, but an entry doesn’t happen by accident! If you want to have the same chances that Eva had, make sure you enter today! 

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Eva talked about buying a boat, a car and a home. She got a vehicle first! If you won a $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize, what would you purchase first? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. First I would retire from work, (cause them I could afford to buy my own health insurance, give my tenth to the Church, Remodel our home to be handicap accessible for our adult handicapped son, share with my 2 other Adult Children and 3 grand-children and my 12 brothers and sisters. buy a Chevy Tahoe & a travel trailer and See KY First then travel.

  2. I tried to play Keno during the weekend, and I also tried to win a million, but nothing happened. Nothing EVER happened.

  3. Congratulations to Eva and her husband.. Enjoy the winnings and be thankful that it was your turn to win.. Maybe, just maybe, it will be MY time to win next.(Praying and Hoping)

    1. Hi Rudy, Always love seeing such awesome support for our winners and between fellow PCH Fans! We really do have the best fans EVER! Keep trying for your chance to be surprised with a big check from the Prize Patrol. You’ve got to be “in it to win it” so don’t give up. There are so many ways to submit an entry into our many exciting giveaways each day. You can check them all out here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  4. Would first do major roof repairs to home, + other minor repairs needed, then need a new car(present one has 300,000+ miles on it) THEN, when the shock of winning wears off a little, would help my two sons out with their vehicles….and living locations where they now live and work.