Why Does PCH Take A “Special Early Look?”

If you’re a PCH fan, you’ve probably noticed that many of our promotions are “Special Early Look” Events – like our $15,000,000 Summer Prize Event  that is happening RIGHT NOW!  That’s great news for our fans who really want to win. Because more special early look events throughout the year mean even more winners, and even more dreams coming true! The truth is, we have so many “Special Early Look”  events because we just love awarding prizes here at PCH.

Here at PCH, We Don’t Want To Wait To Award Prizes!

You see, our ongoing BIG giveaways, like our current Giveaway No. 8800, are initially set up with a start date and end date. But we love awarding prizes so much, sometimes we just don’t want to wait! By incorporating “Special Early Look”  events into our ongoing giveaways, we end up with many more big winners that we would have had otherwise, which makes us very, very happy!

This is how it works: During Special Early Look timeframes, each entry submitted by the deadline has its assigned Prize Number validated. All Prize Numbers assigned during that timeframe are eligible for the “Special Early Look” Event. Once a winning number is randomly selected from the Winning Number Generator, our Sweepstakes Administration department takes a “Special Early Look” to see if there’s a matching winning number among all the timely returned entries. If there is, that lucky entrant wins the top prize for the event.

If there is no match to the winning number, the primary prize amount is not awarded, as stated in the Official Rules. However, we often plan for a second chance drawing to award an alternate prize amount. (That’s one thing you won’t find with the state lotteries! When they have no match to the winning number, they just have no winner!) That’s one of the things that makes Publishers Clearing House so unique!

Just for the record, even though we can’t win, PCH employees love “Special Early Look” Events, too! It’s such a thrill to work for a company that changes lives. Whenever a big prize is about to be awarded, there is always a palpable feeling of anticipation here at PCH headquarters. Many of us are watching the “Winning Moment” on the PCH Fan page on Facebook, just like so many of you! More “Special Early Look” Events mean that we get to do that more often!

Don’t Miss Out! Enter As Often As You Can!

Now that you know why PCH so often takes a “Special Early Look” for a winner, I want to urge you to take advantage of our “Special Early Look” events by entering as often as possible. Enter from every email you receive as well as at our sites, PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win  and others! It only takes a few minutes, and it could really change your life forever.

All the best,


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative


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Why Does PCH Take A “Special Early Look”?


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  2. Roy Appel 5 Entries for Cash give away for 35,000.00 ;, $ 15,000,000.00 $uper ]rize confirm Roy Appel wants to WIN

  3. THANK YOU PUBLISHER’S CLEARINGHOUSE!!!!! I DDDOOOOOO Look forward to seeing Lucky Windfall and the PRIZE PATROL at the end of AUGUST 2017 WWAAAHHHOOO!!!!

  4. Question: Does PCH ever do a follow up on winners? I would be interested in something like that. (Recently got/won $10 from PCH, just want to thank all the staff at pch.)

  5. The second look always has awarded the 1 million though ( in increments if 2000 dollars a month for thirty years not the lump sum) they have never had the numbers match up look up the early look winners if u don’t believe me…but still it’s very nice of them to giveaway the money like they do and great advertisement…PCH please prove me wrong please award that 15 million this month.( although that is actually a lump sum of like 3 million) read the rules..but I suspect that we won’t see a big lump winner ( unless it for 1 million) until Feb than it’ll be 5000 or maybe 7000 a month for life…still that is a very awesome award.

  6. No will win the 15 million it will be a million only . I know the the winner will not be from Mass near Boston in a small town called West Bridgewater..I want you think on me when I no Job in 3 years do medical problems now I am running out of help when you borrow money for 3 years off your 65 year old Dad he can’t retirement because of me.. I kind of giving up with PCH they say they come too mass it been a long time

  7. I Just received my final step in the mail today for the 15 million prize of a lifetime !! Am I allowed to return it certified and overnight From the postt office to y’all ???