Find The Best Fall Deals and Back -To-School Must-Haves With PCHSearch&Win

Growing up, the one thing that made the end of summer a little more bearable was the excitement of back-to-school shopping! Picking out a new backpack and first-day-of-school outfit was always the best! But with so many fall deals at all my favorite stores, I also remember how much time was spent standing in line, as I went to each one  (precious summer time I would have rather spent at the beach or with friends).

What if there was a way to find the best deals on back to school shopping  without actually leaving your house, AND with a chance at winning amazing prizes? Well, this is all possible with PCHSearch&Win!

That’s why I think PCHSearch&Win is the best place to go to do your pre-shopping research, because you could win while you’re trying to save time and money! You can easily compare prices on backpacks, shoes, clothing, school supplies, etc.

PCHSearch&Win gives you the ability to search for anything you need this upcoming fall AND it also puts you in the running to win exciting prizes! And all you have to do is make sure you sign in and then start searching for anything you want.  You could win gift cards to great places, and even cash prizes just like these previous winners!

So PCH fans, what deals are you going to be searching for when you do your back-to-school shopping? There are so many great sales going on, so make sure to head on over to PCHSearch&Win to find the best ones!

Happy shopping, and good luck at the same time!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

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  1. i am retired and am having a hard time making ends meet/ I have health problems so I am not able to work.i would be so blessed if I could win

  2. Backpacks, school clothing, supplies, snacks, so so many items to search for on PCHSearch&Win!!! Click AWAY!!!📲📲📲

  3. I have a guy calling me n telling me i won 4.2 million dollars n in order to receive my winnings i had to pay a 155.00 to get it registered 250.00 for in state taxes n 300.00 dollars to for a gold seal to be put on the check to where i can cash it at my bank. He says his name is Patrick Henry. Is this legit or a scam im on a very very tight budget. My name is Tammy Neely

    1. Hello Tammy, we are so sorry to hear that you were scammed! Did you report it to us? If not, please report as many details as you can remember. Here’s how: The Prize Patrol takes the issue of scams seriously and we strive to educate our fans from becoming victims. Please take a few moments to review these Safety Tips so that you can better protect yourselves from being scammed: Stay safe everyone!!