PCH Employees Do Not Send Friend Requests

You read that right …PCH EMPLOYEES DO NOT SEND FRIEND REQUESTS ON ANY FORMS OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Scammers know how to make their friend requests look real and authentic. Any friend requests from PCH employees that you’ve received in the past, or any that you may receive in the future are FAKE!

Here at PCH, we work hard to ensure that the safety and trust of our customers is top priority. That is why we are always SO adamant about making sure you don’t accept any friend requests from people claiming to be one of the Prize Patrol members or a PCH employee!

We urge you to be cautious when you see a friend request from a scammer. Do not hesitate to deny the request.  Your privacy is at stake, so beware!  Also, we urge you to report the scam!

Now remember, the Prize Patrol still loves to interact with you all by posting fun and exciting content about all things PCH, and we all LOVE to read your comments and interact with you in that way! But again, you will NEVER see a friend request from anyone at PCH!

We want you to stay safe while you enjoy all that PCH has to offer! Best of luck to you!

Warm Regards,

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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  1. Yes older people get scammed every day. I test my elderly mother at least once a year! I call her up pretending to be PCH or a charity & I just tell her to get her check book or credit card we urgently need her help right away ! Just a little pushing and bam! She spills the beans and gives me everything over the phone ! Numbers pin number her ID & SOCIAL SECURITY number then I scold her for keeping her purse by the telephone! So many of our elderly fall victim to phone scams every day and loose thousands of dollars this way! She personally has lost way too much money from this kind of scam!

  2. Doe’s PCH ever send out “blue Letters” out to winners. signed by CEO, Andrew W. Goldberg CEO. ? please get back to me about this, thank you !