25 thoughts on “win”

  1. All I know is . I have played all of the games day and night trying to win the big prize. My Dreams of winning will come to a end on the 28th .If I don’t win at least I have tried. Thanks PCH . I have played search and win In many ways trying to win , and all of the games that I have known to play , I will have to save the screams and disbelief for another time
    You have to be a graceful looser as well as a graceful winner.
    My hat is off to the winner.

  2. Who won the post Win at the top of this Blog? I t would be nice if I had. Thanks for asking me to make a post . I love playing Search and win. and most of the games.

  3. lisasmithjordan says:

    I’ll be entering it seem that i don’t win anything so I can help my family and pay all my bills lisasmithjordan

  4. Rhonda Davis says:

    I have enter many times, but never won. I keep praying and trying to have faith that pch isn’t a scam.

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