PCH Answers Your Questions with Howie Helps!

Danielle Lam and Howie from PCH

Hi everyone, it’s me Danielle with the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team!  As you probably know by now, I’m part of the PCH video group where we create new and exciting videos tailored to what our loyal fans want to know. We recently came up with a new video series called Howie Helps and I realized…I never really introduced Howie to the fans – how rude of me! So I want to take some time here today to have you get to know the new mystery man at PCH. Here’s an interview I had with Howie…

Danielle: How long have you worked for Publishers Clearing House and how did you end up with your own video series “Howie Helps?”

Howie: I’ve been with PCH for 8 years now, and I love it! I work behind-the-scenes on many of our video shoots and I expressed an interest to Danielle in maybe appearing in one if the opportunity ever arose. When I heard there was an audition for a new host of a video series, I thought I would give it a try…and to my surprise, I got it!

Howie, Danielle and Todd Prize Patrol


Danielle: Can you tell fans who haven’t seen your videos yet what “Howie Helps” is all about? 

Howie: Sure! In each episode of Howie Helps, I answer commonly asked questions from our fans like “What is a Special Early Look”  and “Is it true that someone with my initials will win?”

Danielle: Aside from “Howie Helps” what are your roles and responsibilities at PCH?

 Howie: I am a manager in the photography studio at PCH headquarters, where I oversee post-production as well as the audio for our videos.

Danielle: What was it like to join the Prize Patrol on the road for the June 30th SuperPrize? Have you ever awarded a PCH prize before?

 Howie: Yes! I have delivered smaller prizes before, but nothing as big as a SuperPrize. I participated in a Prize Blitz years ago where I had the pleasure of awarding checks to three different winners in Tennessee. Seeing the look on the winner’s faces when we showed up at their door was just incredible!

Going on the road for the SuperPrize was awesome. I had a ton of fun meeting and getting to know some of our local fans on the trip – and of course meeting Neil Kroll!

Danielle, Howie and Todd with SuperPrize winner Neil Kroll


I also loved showing our fans what goes on behind-the-scenes and just how much work goes into awarding “big checks.” Dave, Danielle and Todd of the Prize Patrol Elite team are not only good at what they do, but they have fun doing it, and I’m so glad our fans got to see that!

Danielle: Do you have any advice for PCH fans out there?

 Keep playing! It truly is the luck of the draw, and we really do award prizes to lucky winners. You can’t win if you don’t enter – so go for it!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to meet Howie. As you know, we always want to make our fans happy, so it would be great if you left questions below that YOU want Howie to answer in the next round of videos. You never know, YOUR question could be the next episode of Howie Helps!



Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite


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