How to Play PCH Search & Win

PCH Search & Win is a fun, easy way to get chances to win a prize each day from Publishers Clearing House. Best of all, you can play while doing something you already do – searching online.

To play PCH Search & Win, all you have to do is register, then search for something at

Simply enter a word or phrase in the orange search box and click “Search” or press “Enter” on your keyboard. You will be brought to a search results page, and automatically entered to win.

Stephanie Gornichec, our most recent One Million Dollar winner, entered at PCH Search & Win and won BIG! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be next!

PCH Zip Deborah Holland

Good luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

292 thoughts on “How to Play PCH Search & Win”

  1. Search SeS Search for the “FOREVER” prize!

  2. Christina Schofiel says:

    So really no one win an you don’t get any answers for these questions so if your doing this for fun not to win anything I don’t understand

  3. sharon johnson says:

    How do you know that you are being entered,seeing that no type of verifications show up?

  4. Alice Lapp says:

    I don’t see a question to answer.

  5. Paulina Hart says:

    I am not sure myself how this search and win goes but I play because I can scratch tickets for free and win tokens. As far as winning anything big that has never happened in my life time and probably won’t so I just play cause its fun

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