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What is a Prize Patrol Blitz?

In a Prize Patrol Blitz the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol awards 101 prizes to winners in 101 zip codes across the USA. The sweepstakes prizes are awarded in a 2-3 day timeframe. This is accomplished by training over 30 teams of Publishers Clearing House employees to become Prize Patrol Deputies.

The training program is called Prize Patrol Boot Camp and it is conducted on the premises of Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes headquarters in Port Washington, NY. Dave Sayer, Executive Director of the PCH Prize Patrol and Todd Sloane, Senior Vice President, are in charge of running the boot camp training program.

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  1. Todd Slone Executive Director of the PCH Prize Patrol and Dave Sawyer Senior Vice President, would you please get your Prize Patrol Boot camp ready to deliver that Mega Sweepstakes of $15 Million Dollar Delivery on 05/30/2023 to my house, I’ll tie a yellow ribbon around that old oak tree it’s been 7 long years do you still want me, if it’s not me, I Congratulate the Winner Now… Love you all…