Prize Patrol Live almost ready – Follow the Prize Patrol and other site improvements

Later this week our beloved PCH Prize Patrol team will be on the road again to deliver a $1 Million prize. Before that happens though, 211 Short List winners will be notified by overnight UPS or Express Mail that they have won at least $1,000 and may be the winner of $1 Million.

In preparation for the big award, we’ve made some improvements to Prize Patrol Live so that you can follow the Prize Patrol in real time. We haven’t yet launched but within a few hours you will see a new map with zooming capability and many more circles than before. That’s because we are now tracking all of the Short List Winner notification envelopes as they travel across the country. Can you guess which one of the Short List Winner notification envelopes will be the Big One Million Dollar one?

Additionally, we’re now able to pinpoint the geographic location of our Prize Patrol updates via Twitter on the map. We hope you enjoy being able to follow the Prize Patrol en route to delivering the PCH SuperPrize!

To help answer your questions, we added a Feedback box on the left side of Prize Patrol Live where you can input your questions and we’ll answer them as quickly as we can. When you type in your question, a list of similar questions will show up with answers asked by other fans. You can also post comments ideas to improve Prize Patrol Live, and let us know what you like about the site. As always, we’re listening!

So take a look in a few hours (after 5pm EST) at the new and improved Prize Patrol Live and let us know what you think. Take a guess at which one of the Short List Winner notification envelopes will be the Big One Million Dollar one and make sure to tune in again and again to follow the PCH Prize Patrol action live!

Best regards,

Frank @ PCH

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  1. Wish could win enough money so i can get out verbally abusive relationship I get text all time never win anything but tokens I’m VIP player play every day

  2. Hello PCH patrol ! Boy what a difference it would make in my life to win! I would first pay off my bills, share with my 3 children and then i would put some in my savings and the rest i would divide between St.Judes and Shriners Hosp.ffor children. And finally (i think i would pay taxes #1!!!) finally i would just thank God for my blessing he just gave me ! Thank you Jesus ! Thank you.

  3. Hi there PCH prize Patrol I was wondering when y’all are coming to Brooksville Florida me and my wife mrs Mallon we are so much in it to win it all…

  4. Hello prize patrol crew I want so badly to win at pch I’ve been enteru everyday all day for years to win I PRAY THAT IM the big winner in June 2017 IM one of your biggest fans ever ! AN I LOVE YOU all at pch be safe an good bless you all at pch please wish me luck an bring me an my children a miracle please!!

  5. If they come to my house with big prize I guarantee them a great celebration of happiness and joy to film for the news . Hope they are headed my way now! Cause my Mom needs a new bigger home ! I am waiting impatiently on prize patrol now. Richard McKinney and Family

  6. PCH 8186 , 8800 I WANTCHU SOOOOOOO BAD I CAN TASTE THE CHAMPAGNE, FLOWER’S & I can realllyyyyyyy TASTE that Big Ck 🌴💐🍇🍷📹🎬🎥💰💰💵💸💸💸💸💲💲✔✴