PCH Shares Scam Reports With FTC to Fight Fraud

It’s National Consumer Protection Week – 2010

In continuing recognition of National Consumer Protection Week, Publishers Clearing House would like to remind you to BEWARE of scams posing as legitimate sweepstakes that ask you to send money. Remember, in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes the winning is always FREE!

Some scam artists may send out real looking checks in an attempt to get you to send money. DO NOT fall for these Fake Check Scams. You may receive an official looking letter that includes what appears to be a real looking check. Using a variety of false promises, the scammers will tell you to wire back a portion of the check. Whatever the set-up, the results are always the same. If you send money back you’ll be out twice. YOU will owe the bank the money you withdrew and the scammer will have the money you sent in his/her pocket!

At PCH we have been attacking scams like these with a number of comprehensive consumer protection programs. From an educational standpoint we have posted consumer alerts on our website at pch.com and in our mail. We have recorded anti-scam messages on our toll-free customer service lines, and ask consumers to provide us details of the scams so we can share information with law enforcement officials including the Federal Trade Commission and State Attorneys General. In many instances we can move quickly after receiving complaints to have phone numbers supporting these scams immediately shut down. PCH is also a proud member of the Consumer Federation of America’s Fake Check Task Force, where both private and regulatory members meet regularly to share efforts to combat these ongoing scams. We continue to partner with law enforcement officials including the FBI, Postal Inspections Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and US Attorney’s Office to develop new efforts to target the scammers and bring them to justice.

Be smart. Be safe. Be protected. If you or someone you know believes they have been the victim of a fraudulent contact using the name of Publishers Clearing House, please contact Publishers Clearing House at 1-800-645-9242. Anyone who believes they have received a suspicious email using the Publishers Clearing House (or PCHLotto.com) name and logo, may forward it to our fraud reporting mailbox, abuse@pch.com.

M Crossan PCH


Margaret Crossan

PCH Consumer Affairs Department

249 thoughts on “PCH Shares Scam Reports With FTC to Fight Fraud”

  1. Regina Fetty says:

    Well they are at it again. Everytime a check is going to be given away the scammers use facebook to send friend requests. Got one from one posing as Todd Sloane of the prize patrol. Of course I didnt friend them. When are they going to learn that people know pch prize patrol do not send friend requests.

  2. I was contacted by someone who said they were dave sayer and I had won 1 million and 5000 for life but I had to spend 304.99 on a card I have all the texts and the conversations back and forth. If I had the money I would have gone for it

  3. Paula Kerns says:

    Hi I was IM today for someone saying she is Danielle Lam and she sai I won $1million, $10,000 for life and a new BMW. But I had to send $400 to the IRS office to get it and was so excited that I sent it then she said that in my state that they needed $645 more but I told her no and I wanted my money back but she told me she would have to get a hold of the main office and it would take 24 hrs. Is there something I can do to get this money back? I was so excited that I didnt check first and I feel real stupid…

  4. Dawn Peevey says:

    Hello..Hete we go again!!! Received notice from American Sweepstakes Publishers from Kansas City stating I won an have to pay a fee to Award Processing Center. Then I recieved a 07EF58 form Tracking Document from J R Stewart, and Michael Washington and have to pay a fee cause they notified me- I have all Paperwork To show. Let me know what to do

  5. some one of whom said they were Todd Sloane texted and called saying i \won. after getting sucked in Realized it was a scam. called reported to police. after that this man keeps calling. the phone # he used is 816-463-2104.i called back left message was called back few minutes later.has called or texted still as of 3 hrs. ago. i dont answer or reply. i have codes if you need them. i do hope this might help to track this person.thanks for your help

  6. Judy Jackson says:

    I received a call and got a message on my phone that I had won $2.5 million. When I returned the call this afternoon he said I would have to send $2,500.00 to get the money. The number is 876-430-1532. He said his name was Michael Anderson. He is calling me back Monday he said but I am not answering. Just thought you should know.

  7. Joseph A Booth says:

    Call Todd when you get it to let him know at 9142104734 I got an email saying I won when I told them to call me they said at a celebration but sent me this number also have voice mail where they called me they were wanting a pay pal card


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