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PCH Cash Sweepstakes Prize Winner Destination: La Cygne, Kansas

During a recent PCH cash sweepstakes prize winner tour, my PCH Prize Patrol partner, Sally, and I drove 350 miles across the state of Missouri to Kansas City. Along the way we stopped for gas and food at a 1950’s-style truck stop and got the eye from the locals while we hungrily filled up on some tasty down-home food. We did not reveal our ultimate destination was in the next state.

Upon arriving at Prairie Accents, the local florist in La Cygne, Kansas, we were not only pleased with the beautiful flower arrangements, but also thrilled that the owner, Lynn, happened to know our PCH cash sweepstakes prize winner! This was a real bonus for us out-of-towners, because our winner, D. Cowan, had a P.O. Box and we had no idea how to find her house. Lynn the florist was very happy to guide us to the home of the Publishers Clearing House winner and to be a part of the surprise winning moment.

An unsuspecting Mr. Cowan answered the door in his bathrobe and slippers. Immediately recognizing us by the navy blue PCH Prize Patrol jackets and Prize Patrol van, he greeted Sally with a broad-grinned “Hi Tiger!” His wife then came out and couldn’t believe her eyes! Clinging to the Big Check a moment later, she noted that she should have washed her hair.

PCH Winner D Cowan

Guess it just goes to show that Publishers Clearing House winning moments are authentic and PCH cash sweepstakes prize winners don’t know we’re coming.

If you enter the PCH Sweepstakes, maybe a surprise visit from the PCH Prize Patrol will be in your future!

Good luck,

Carol W., PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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