August Winner Soon to Receive the Surprise of a Lifetime

The August winner announcement day is today, August 31st, and the famous Prize Patrol team is on the road looking for the newest SuperPrize winner. If you’ve been entering the PCH SuperPrize sweepstakes, that winner could very well be you! One thing is for sure, it would be the surprise of a lifetime to have the famous Prize Patrol show up at your front door later today or tomorrow with a big check from Publishers Clearing House.

Here at PCH, the team has been busy preparing for the big cash prize delivery, starting with selecting the sweepstakes winner! After the prize drawing was held, the Prize Patrol team had just enough time to organize the Prize Patrol delivery basics, including the Big Check, champagne, balloons, roses and the famous Prize Patrol blazers for each team member. Then the Prize Patrollers, along with Goodwill Ambassador Natalie Bostelman, camera crew and media reporters made last minute travel plans to surprise the August winner with a big check from Publishers Clearing House. Where exactly they’re headed, we can’t say, but we’d love to hear your guesses in the comments below.

Will the Prize Patrol have to travel far from PCH headquarters? Will the SuperPrize August winner be from a small city or a big city? Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long as these questions will be answered very soon!

You can follow the action by visiting our Prize Patrol twitter feed @prizeguy. There, you can stay up to date with what’s happening on the road and view some pictures of the Big Check in the secret envelope! In addition, you will be able to watch a video of the winning moment at soon after the august winner is announced, so make sure keep checking PCHtv throughout the day for updates.

312 thoughts on “August Winner Soon to Receive the Surprise of a Lifetime”

  1. Carla Wood says:

    If I won I would do major makeover of our church. Then I would take care of me.

  2. Josephine rinaudo says:

    It would be a dream come true after 20 years to be able to go back and visit my home land Italy and be able to embrace my relatives ones again and be able to show my grand kids were I was born

  3. Jesus Macias says:

    I would Love for prize patrol to show up at my front door. That would be my dream come true. Loving GOD BLESS

  4. catherine davis says:

    CATHERINE DAVIS it time for something to break in life I have MS and need money asap Looking to see prize patrol in CLEVELAND OHIO soon and very soon

  5. Tamica smith says:

    I hope you will come to Monroe Louisiana I really need and could use the money for my kids cause they thinking about cutting my Ssi and I have kids that needs taking care of please come to Monroe Louisiana. What a blessing that would be.

  6. RosaMaria Martinez says:

    YOU GUYS ARE COMING TO MY HOUSE SOON OR LATER!! To Bless Me forever !!”Because my time haves come!! This year is my year 2014!!! :)

  7. wayne says:

    come on tis been almost a month??????

  8. marie says:

    ohhh wish it was here in puerto rico so that i could leave
    this island go to florida jaja

  9. Marcus White says:

    Bolingbrook Illinois I hope

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