PCHSearch&Win Cash Giveaway: Fabulous Fall Cash Frenzy

The winds of change are howling though the halls of PCH. But do not fear, as many of these changes are bound to excite, especially for those you who frequent PCHSearch&Win where it’s easy to search and enter to win cash giveaway opportunities.

What’s all the excitement about, you ask? The PCHSearch&Win blog is getting a facelift! Based on the positive reviews of our official PCHblog re-launch, the PCHSearch&Win team has been busy working on a new blog homepage design which incorporates many of the same features found on the PCHblog. That includes, picture and video galleries, comments using Facebook and Twitter, links to other PCH properties and a few other goodies that for now we’ll have to keep secret. So make sure to stay tuned for more info as PCHSearch&Win transforms your searching experience.

While under construction, the PCHSearch&Win team wants PCHers to use PCHSearch&Win as their go-to search engine, and get something in return! Therefore, we’re featuring a special cash giveaway on Friday and Saturday called the “Fabulous Fall Cash Frenzy”!

Use PCHSearch&Win as you would any other search engine on Friday 10/1/2010 and you’ll be entered to become one of the 10 searchers that day who are going to win $1OO.OO! And if you didn’t have luck on Friday, use PCHSearch&Win like you would use Google on Saturday 10/2/2010 and you’ll be entered to be “crowned” one of the 20 searchers who will definitely win $5O.OO in a second cash giveaway!

Using PCHSearch&Win is simple! Start the day off by adding it to your homepage, here. Then, whenever you have a question, need to research product reviews, or find the latest groundbreaking news on national, as well as worldwide events, just visit PCHSearch and type in your question! You’ll automatically be entered to win when you search, in addition to receiving reliable search results! And remember to set your homepage to PCHSearch&Win for the chance to win a different cash giveaway or other prize every day!

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190 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Cash Giveaway: Fabulous Fall Cash Frenzy”


    Hello PCH,
    I’m claiming TWO ENTRIES to win a $1OO.OO cash prize as part of PCH Gwy. No. 3818 and my initials are L.S.

  2. Pch I want yo win BIG March 17th.

  3. medrdo florez says:

    I want to claim TWO ENTRIES to win a $1OO.OO CASH PRIZE as part of PCH Gwy. No. 3818! Medardof.

  4. Tina g. says:

    When does this ever really end? The deadline and winning date keeps getting extended!

  5. medardo florez says:

    Hi pch i want to win the super prize on jan. 20 the w$1,OOO,OOO.OO from PCH Gwy. No. 4900 So please confim and secure full elijibility to activate my forth coming superprize no. On to the winners list

  6. Sandra Rosner says:

    I am entering PCHSearch&Win for three chances to win $10,000.00. I know that I could be the next winner to be shown on PCH winners list.

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  8. carolinejinks says:

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